Sunday, December 29, 2013

#39 Christmas is over!!

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas...Celebrating the Saviors birth, the lights, the snow, carols, cookies, great food, family, games.....but sometimes getting back to the real world is just what you need after so much indulgence!!! lol

We had an ice storm right before Christmas and the power was out here for 5 days!! Thank God for generators! Or things would have been very bad for the farm, and the animals.... not to mention heat for us. I know many people went through Christmas with no electricity, and some still don't have it back on! Crazy!

I made cinnamon buns for Christmas!!! They were fantastic!!
 I lined a pair of the mittens I knit!! Light fleece, they are so warm and soft!

 Made a couple of fingerless gloves!! Having a lot of fun with double pointed knitting needles!!

                  Tried one sock pattern and ended up ripping it out                    
 and made this pattern instead

No sewing went on during Christmas,but can't wait to get back at my WIPS!!!

Coming up soon

Mark your calendars:

Wake Up to Kona Blog Hop
January 7-21st now!!

As long as nothing changes I post on January 10th for the hop! 

I will post the schedule and other participant list soon!!

During the Ice Storm

Happy Sewing,

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

#38 Christmas Time Rush, but oh so fun!!!!

We are definitely having a white Christmas!!! far...I hope it stays....

It is going to be really busy getting ready for family and finishing up with Christmas sewing and knitting so I think I am going to give myself permission to just let the blog rest for a few weeks!!

I'll be back after the rush!!

Just in time for the Wake Up to Kona Blog Hop!!!

What I've Been Up To:

Tested the cutest pattern for Kristy @quietplay

Made more coasters and holders

Knit a Honey Cowl and mittens for my niece

and some mittens for my daughter too

and whipped up a simple Christmas Stocking

Oops and no City Sampler Blocks!! Oh well I will get caught up!!

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!! See you in the new year!!

(If I get bored after Christmas, I may post sooner!!) ;)

Monday, December 9, 2013

#37 I Had So Much Fun This Week

I participated in my first Blog Hop as a contributor and what a blast I had!! It was so much fun coming up with a project to share, and all the new people stopping by, was amazing! You all left such great and encouraging comments, and I loved reading about your favorite parts of Christmas. While some made my heart hurt, it was very uplifting to hear most was about family and sharing all the special things about, lights, music, decorating, etc. with the ones we love.

The Winners Are: 

Quilty Box has been claimed...Congratulations to QuiltingGranny

And Teresa Nance wins the Mystery Prize

Winners have been contacted and prizes will be mailed ASAP

Next Blog Hop for me and what is keeping me busy, getting ready for the Wake Up to Kona Blog Hop in January. So check back in regularly to get updates!

What I've Been Up To:

As promised a pictorial of the Chalkboard Table Runner:

The Chalkboard fabric I purchased was approximately 47.5" wide. I used that as the length for the table runners I have made. Cut the width keeping in mind the final size you can accommodate or want to achieve remembering to add your borders into the calculation.

Once you have cut your chalkboard fabric to size you will know your measurements for the borders. For this one I cut 2" x 4" pieces to do a scrappy border at the small ends. I folded the chalkboard and fabric  in half and pinched to find the centers and trimmed the ends.

 Press and measure for the long side borders. I sewed (3) 2" x 4" pieces together and added a 2" wide by ? on each end to make a border a bit longer than you need for each side. Then repeat to find center of both fabrics and sew in place, trimming extra off both ends. Measure for backing fabric.

Now I have finished with and without adding batting. When I added batting I stitched it to the backing fabric to make sure it stays in place and the batting won't bunch up eventually if it comes loose from the seams.

I flip the fabric so I sew left to right and then right to left, in case I pull or my machine pulls.

You can make a quilt sandwich and bind, but I put the backing and chalkboard right sides together and stitch around 1/4" seam, leaving a generous opening for turning. Trim corners, and turn. Chalkboard fabric is very stiff, and if you try to scrunch it up to much to turn you can damage it. 

Using a press cloth press border. Press a 1/4" under to create seam where the opening is and topstitch all around the border at 1/8".

I also stitch in the ditch on the chalkboard by the border.

City Sampler:

Final Sugar Block Club Block:

And I bought a panel to make new Christmas stocking, and buttons to embellish. (had to sharpie the eyes and mouth of the creepy snowmen!! lol)