Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I Love PreCut Quilts

I don't know about you, but sometimes I just want to make a quick project!

Sometimes I even need a quick project......

If you feel the same then you are going to want to come back for the 

I Love Precut Quilts Blog Hop!!!

And if the content of the book isn't enough to get you back to find out more.....

Every blogger will be having a giveaway on their blogs during the hop!

You might be lucky enough to win a copy of this book for yourself!!
(International winners, outside of the US, will receive an ebook. )

So mark your calendars and come back on January 30th!
 I will post all the links that day for you to use!!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Umbrella Table.... Dresden Topper

Here's a Tutorial I shared at Sew Sisters Blog back in 2015.....

Hi everyone, I'm Sandy from UpStairsHobbyRoom!! I'm a wife to my high school sweetheart, though we lived in different towns and didn't attend the same school, coming up on our 30th Wedding anniversary in July.  I'm a mother of 3 grown adults, a daughter and 2 sons, plus a son-in-law (no grand babies, yet), and I love country living. I have always loved crafting and creative outlets, and have sewn since I was about 11 or 12 years old, but I have only resently started quilting, about 3 ish years now.  I was super excited to be asked to join in on the Kona Club Challenge. I love Kona Cottons and I enjoy a good sewing challenge!!  I think I am still at the sponge stage, absorbing every new thing I can try, lol. Hope you are excited about the project and will try one for yourself, or maybe as BBQ host/hostess gift.
                            Happy sewing.....

Tropical Spin


  • 4 FQs Kona Cotton, Main Fabric
  • 1 FQ Kona Cotton, Backing Fabric cut to 18" sq(or use your leftovers and piece an 18" square)
  • 18" Square piece of interfacing, fusible fleece (optional)
  • Dresden Plate Ruler, at least 7.5" (I used the Layer Cake Dresden, which if I did the math right is an 18 degree ruler...360 divided by 20 = 18. You can use any dresden, it just may affect the number of strip sets you will need, but there is plenty of fabric to work with here.) Just remember 360 divided by the degree of your dresden and that is how many plates you need to cut to get a full circle
  • 5" piece of 1/8 - 1/4" round elastic
  • 2 buttons

1/4" seams, press all seams open

Cutting Instructions:

  • Fabric 1: Cut (3) 3 1/4" x 18" strips (Mediterranean)
  • Fabric 2: Cut (3) 1 1/2" x 18" strips (Honeysuckle)
  • Fabric 3: Cut (3) 2" x 18" strips (Papaya)
  • Fabric 4: Cut (3) 2 1/2" x 18" strips (Grasshopper)

Sewing Instructions:

  • Sew one of each of the four different fabric strips together along the 18" edge to form 3 strip sets. Press

  • Using the dresden ruler, place the 7 1/2" line on the top edge of your strip set. You will notice that there is about 1/4" extra at the bottom of your ruler (narrowest end) that's good. This will make the inside hole about 3". Making sure the ruler is as close to the end of the strip set as possible, make your first cut. Now flip the ruler around and line up the 7 1/2" line on the bottom edge and the side with the previous cut and cut your second plate. Continue like this, flipping back and forth and making sure the extra fabric is always at the narrow end, until you have cut 20 plates or the number you require.

  • You now should have 2 sets of 10 plates. Divide them into 2 piles (trust me, or you will be having an unexpected date with your stitch ripper, lol) side by side right sides up. Now consistently lay the plate one onto plate two and sew down the right side. (at least there are no matching seams to worry about, :) Check to make sure your plates are staggering and continue joining the plates till the very last seam, do not join this seam. Press.

  • Take your 18" square of  interfacing or fleece and fuse it with the backing according to manufacturers instructions.

  • Lay your backing square right side up and place the topper right side down on top. Make sure the topper is centred and all edges are within the backing square and pin securely in place. Cut away the extra backing fabric.

  • Starting at one of the flat dresden sides, stitch all the way  around the topper, leaving a 4" opening for turning. Clip the corners and curves, careful to not clip through stitching. Turn and press, tucking in the extra fabric in the opening. 

  • Make elastic loops by cutting the 5" piece of elastic in half. Fold each piece in half and stitch close to the raw ends to make a loop. Slip the raw end of the loops into the opening, one at the top the other at the bottom, leaving enough loop exposed for your button size and enough inside to be caught by the topstitching. Pin in place.

  • Topstitch 1/8 - 1/4" all the way around the dresden catching the elastic loops and the opening as you go. (Add more topstitching or quilting as desired) I topstitched 1/4" on all sides of the dresden after going all around the outside, stitching over the previous topstitching in spots, in one continuous line around.

  • Mark the spots where the elastic sits on the opposite side of the dresden and sew on your two buttons. 

That's it...Enjoy

Use #UmbrellaDresden
if you share on social media
we all want to see what you come up with!!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Let's Sew Link Up.....

Oops, I am a few days behind on January's Let S.E.W. Link up.....

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My Christmas decorations are still judging, right? 😂

And my new sewing room still isn't organized.....yikes....


I've made a promise to myself (not a New Years resolution, 😉)

This year I am going to use my time wisely and finish all those quilt tops that are in a pile in my bedroom. It is sad but true, I am easily distracted by the next fun project, pattern, material....
Which means lots of quilt tops are made but sadly less actual quilts, but no more.....

I am off to a good start too....if you don't take into consideration that the first project I completed in 2017, I started in 2017, while quilt tops from as far back as 2013 (maybe even 2012😳) sit unfinished. In my defence I was asked to be a part of a book review, I Love PreCut Quilts,  for CT Publishing, so I had to get that done✅ (blog hop runs at the end of the month and I will be giving away a free copy of the don't for get to come back!!)

(I used a fun Moda print for my precut project)

I also managed to get my Wiggle Me Colourful Quilt, quilted today. I still have to bind it and I think I will be adding some hand quilting to this one...I've never done that before, so wish me luck.
I'm not going to say I made a mistake, but I set the digital E2E at 14" without really considering the size the hearts would my closed hand almost fits inside the just to make sure I don't have any issues I'm going to add some hand stitching. (it's not a mistake, because I love this it was just meant to be....)

I especially think the hand stitching will add so much visual interest to the back!!

Oh, I am going to use you all to keep me true to my promise, if you don't mind?

I did a complete count of the finished quilt tops...23 including the Wiggle Me Colourful above...
So right now I am at 1/23 done. My promise, besides using my time wisely, is to load a quilt on at least 2 Mondays a month for the year. If I do that I should have them all quilted by the end of this year. Isn't that just crazy...that I have enough quilt tops just sitting it could take a year to quilt them all....bad on me.....and that I will probably (and you know I will) keep making more this year, lol it's an ongoing battle to start and finish every quilt top and not have a pile......
may never happen

Ok, enough about my issues.....
Let's get on with the link up

Reminder....the Let's S.E.W.  is being combined right now with the BigQuiltBee
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Each month Rita from Fabric Please is generously donating a $25 gift certificate to be awarded randomly to one of you who link up your bee blocks.
With Christmas and the fact that I did start my link ups early, there were no bee blocks linked up in December, so January's link up will now be for (2) $25 GC!!!!
So get sewing and link up your blocks....spread the word 

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Monday, January 2, 2017

The Canadian Sampler

Click on the image to be taken to Sew Sisters for all the details

Hi All!!

The Canadian Sampler has started at Sew Sisters.....

I was so honoured to be asked, to join in with 19 other quilters, to design a block for this lovely sampler celebrating Canada's 150th birthday!!!

Each designer was asked to create a block inspired by Canada, and what a great collection of Canadiana came together. Inspired by Canada's weather with snowflakes and a toque; Canadian nature with maple leaves; Canadian people.....Inuksuk, grain elevator and EH!.......
All in red and white, what is more Canadian than that!!!

Here's the list of the clubs designers, that I will update the links on as the year progresses!

Click here to read more about the quilt and see who created each block!!

This quilt was quilted by Cheryl Smith from Magpie Artworks.

My inspiration....

January's Block