Monday, September 26, 2016

My UpStairs HobbyRoom is expanding....

I am doing my happiest, happy dance 💃🏻today!!!

I mentioned awhile back that my sewing room was going to get a renovation....and it's starting today!!

I couldn't be more thrilled! My space is lovely, but my fabric stash is taking over, and my work areas just aren't "working" anymore. 

So I am busting through the wall (and when I say I, I mean the builder, lol) and taking over the other attic space (second dormer), for fabric storage and another work space area. I feel so blessed!

Today starts with prep work for installing beams to make the floor safe and strong. Then some floor joists, a little truss work to give me head space and use of the dormer area....

Once my new room is ready and the base cabinets from my hobby room have been moved into the new area, I'll be adding sewing tables from EddyCrest Furniture to my hobby room. If you haven't seen Adam's creations, you should check them out. Made here in Canada, but also available in the US and more!!
2 of these short right sewing desks will be coming my way soon!!

Not much to show you at this point but I will keep you up to date with progress pictures as all the fun happens. Follow along over on IG too,  at uptairshobbyroom.

They are going to be doing as much work from the hatch as they can so they don't have to open up the wall until the drywalling has been done! I very much appreciate that effort,  keeping the dust out of my sewing room/sewing machines and the rest of my house!!! 

That's all my news...still have a huge smile on my face and I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!!

Enjoy your day 
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

One Block Wonders Rainbow Stacks Quilt Check In

It has been a very busy month....and it has flown by so fast.....
I can't believe it is only a little over a week till we will have our last link up...
And our One Block Wonders BOM journey will come to an end!

It has been so fun getting to know some of you and your lovely projects! We've had an audience and some very faithful followers and participators....and for you all, I want to take a minute to say, 
How much it has meant to me to have you along for the ride!!❤️

I also wanted to say that I have seen some of your Rainbow Stacks Quilt blocks and projects on IG 
and within our FB Group
and I am loving the colour and fabric combinations!!

Here's my quilt top, just deciding on the border finish...

After spending a few days getting my blocks together, I thought it might be a good idea to share some tips for putting your blocks together ....
I have to be honest and say, I was thinking these blocks might be more challenging to get together, but I'm so happy to say they went together very easily....

Tips on joining your blocks:
When you start joining your blocks, especially if you choose to make a larger project, and depending on you block layout, your blocks seams could come together with a few different matching possibilities. 

1.) Your standard seam match. 

2.) A cross seam, where two angles come together and cross at the seam. ( you want them to be crossing at that 1/4" mark)

3.) Where two angles are matching up perpendicular to each other. 
Here's the trick, no matter which way your seams align.....roll the top block seam back and look where your seams lines up at the 1/4" mark. It only matters what is happening here, if you have all your other edges aligned properly. 
I like to check twice, making sure my edges have stayed aligned and use a pin. (If I want my seams to match, I always use a pin!!) If you think your pieces shifted when you put your pin in, remove the pin and redo the will get easier....with practice! If you really are worried you aren't matching a particular seam right...put a pin in where the stitch line will be at a 1/4" to test. Flip your top piece back to look at the mock seam and see if you are aligning your seams properly.

That's it! Good Luck and Happy Sewing!!

Here's our final schedule...
The Link Up will go live on 
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Can't wait to see your projects....
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Adding A Hanging Sleeve to Your Quilt Project

I've made a few quilt projects that were meant to be hung on a wall and I've used squares of fabric folded in half and sewn into the top corners during the binding process, which works if the piece is small, but the centre can buckle if it's too wide. I've also just pinned minis to my wall....

This also works great as a label for your quilts when you want to include more than just your name!
I draw lines using a frixion pen and then write what I want in a permeant marker and press with an iron to remove the lines.

Well, this time I was writing a new quilt pattern and I thought it was time to up my game and look into how you go about adding a hanging sleeve....
I found a lot of great information on adding a sleeve for quilt exhibits, which all seamed a little excessive for my small wall project for home use...

Then I came across this little PDF sheet from Martingale and it was exactly what I was looking for!!


  1. Cut your fabric for the sleeve 6"(to 8") wide by 1" shorter then the width of your quilt.
  2. Make a hem on the 6" wide edges by turning the raw edge under 1/2" and pressing, then turn under another 1/2" and press.
  3. Topstitch.

    4.) Fold your fabric in half, wrong sides together along the long edge, and base stitch 1/8th" from  
         raw edge.

     5.) Centre and pin the sleeve to the top edge of your quilt.

     6.) Proceed with binding your quilt. Stitching through all layers when you sew along the top edge,
          securing your sleeve in place.

     7.) Stitch your binding down on the backside of your quilt. I hand stitch mine with a blind stitch.

I found this great YouTube video that shows the blind stitch if you are no familiar with it.

     8.) To secure the sides and the folded edge of your sleeve you need to hand stitch with a blind
           stitch, but before you do that, push the folded edge of your tube up about a 1/4" to create a D
           shape. Pin in place and stitch down the short side, across the long edge and up the other short
           side to secure your sleeve to the back of your quilt! Be careful to only stitch through
           the backing layer of your quilt. You don't want your stitches to show on the front of your quilt.

That's it, easy, peasy!! And from now on my hanging projects will not only look more polished, but will hang properly....😀

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Button Projects

Todays post is sponsored by ZipIt Zippers.....

And we all love Jennie's zippers.....don't we...

I was lucky enough to got my hands on some of these cute buttons,
because they haven't all been listed yet....
and wanted to come up with a few quick and easy projects to showcase them in .....

 As most of you will know, we are all pretty excited around here
waiting for our first granddaughter's arrival to happen in late October.....

So of course I had to find a project that would be suited for a little girl....

(1) Hair Ribbons

I found out that making bows is not exactly in my skill set, lol....
But I love how these turned out anyway....
I will not even attempt  to do a tutorial for this, I was all thumbs.
The basics:  make your favourite type of bow, I added some tact stitches as I built my bows, and then add the button at the end and sewed on a hair elastic.

(2) How about some cute zipper pulls...

All you need for these is some ribbon, small swivel claw hooks and your favourite Zipit button! 

Loop the ribbon through and sew on your button to join and close the loop, easy...peasy!!!

And I mean how cute is it to have the fun eye glasses button on your sunglasses/eye glasses case!!!

(3) Book Marks

Now I know this is a bit "Old School" with ebook and tablets....
but there is nothing better than curling up with a good book...
or looking through your favourite quilt book for inspiration or to start a new project....
And these would make great teacher gifts....

I made these two different ways, with the same basic supplies.
I uses an ivory eyelet lace  and weaved 1/4" ribbon through it.

For the 1/4 ribbon that were woven and the pattern was on both sides.....

I just folded the ends over twice and top stitched to make a finished hem! Then added the button near the top of the bookmark. this makes a nice simple thin bookmark.

For the printed ribbon, which only had the dots on one side, I made two identical eyelet pieces

When I got to the end I folded the last two eyelets to match and threaded the ribbon through.

Leaving a ribbon tail at the top...

 Take you two ribbons and lay them right sides together and stitch them together at the one end

 Now flip the pieces around so the wrong sides are together and the seam is hidden inside. Stitch from the bottom up one long side across the top and down the other long side, joining the two ribbons together. Sew you button onto the ribbon.
I have to say this turned out to be my favourite. It's more finished and has more body to it!

(4) Cup Cozy

I carry one of these in my purse all the time! I love a hot drink but not the hot cup....
and I love that these add fun to my cup as well as reduce some of the environmental foot print I leave...
I have a free template over in my Craftsy Pattern Shop, if you want to make one or ten!

Couldn't resist adding the cat button to the bird, especially with the wink....

 If you are a tea drinker, maybe you want to add a pocket...... I cut (1) 3.25" x 5" rectangle. Folded it in half and sew down the sides and across the bottom, leaving an opening for turning, with a 1/4" seam. Press and topstitch to the quilted top about an 1.25" from the raw edge.

Well I hope this post has inspired your creativity.....

I can't wait to see how you use your buttons....

Thanks again to Jennie from

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and you will save 15% off your purchase!!!