Wednesday, June 26, 2013

#8 WIP

Just finished another test pattern for QuietPlay , the Cat Woman Lego character!! Turned out great!! I had to take a couple of extra pictures because the joins were bang on, on the first try!!! That does not happen for me everyday, even being very careful ! But to keep me humble I had to rip the one side of the neck head join!! oh well!!

 And finally I'm getting back to Bloom Bloom Pow QAL which ended awhile ago. I unfortunately didn't get to finish with the group, because of a fall and partially dislocating my elbow. Ya, it hurt!!
Well I'm back cutting and trying to clean up all of my WIP projects.... can't wait to see this one come together!!
 I won't be sewing this quilt together multi coloured, but may try another one that way!! Would look just like the hand held pinwheel flyer that says summer fun!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

#7 Great People!! Helping Out!!

Technology can be so wonderful!! I have found so many inspiring quilters through the internet and instagram!! I love instagram!! A picture is worth a thousand words!!
I have found QAL, WIPs, UFOs, (a year ago I would have been scratching my head trying to understand what any of that ment) and now I not only am understanding the terms I am using them!! lol

So last week, because the world is a smaller place with technology, I was able to volunteer to help test one of a group of paper piece patterns that Quiet Play ( in Australia)  is making of Lego characters. I received Han Solo to test! (in Canada!!)

So I am adding a second post this week to let you see. (with permission!)

I don't have embroidery floss or fabric markers, so I haven't added his facial features yet, but you get the idea!!

And by the way, has great patterns, I have purchased the complete alphabet and numbers, and they are wonderful (used them in 2 quilt projects so far). And she is having a buy 2 get one free right now!!

Well I'm off to do another test pattern!! So much fun helping out!!

#6 Where is your space?

Thanks to everyone for their comments on my last post question!! Turns out I'm pretty normal!! lol

BUT... I've decided that there has to be a limit, so no more new quilt projects till I complete a WIP, and I think I am going to limit my list to a single digit.

This week I covered a chair in my hobbyroom:
finished the fence flags for the pool:
 I used outdoor fabric and thread. Lighter weight outdoor fabric on the back.I sewed the front and back pieces right sides together leaving  an opening for turning, sewing in 2 curtain weights in the bottom 2 corners to make them heavier so they wouldn't blow around as much. Than when I turned them right side out I top stitched around the whole block. I sewed small plastic loops on the back for hanging on the fence.

And finally got a design wall up!!!
So now I am cleaning my room, because one project always leads to another!!! and where do "dust bunnies" come from anyway!! lol (I'll share my before and after pics of my space next week!)

And that leads to my question this week.....Where is your space?? Where do you quilt or craft??
I know how very lucky I am to have the space that I do. I have the room over my garage, and I only have to share it with the PS3!  and other than it being a little too hot in the summer (like right now!!) and hearing "do you have to be in here right now" every once in awhile it is perfect!!

 And how do you work, messy, organized, or both!! I think I fall into both!! I love being organized, but work myself into a mess and than have to organize again!! lol the cycle of my life!!

If I can figure out how to post a tutorial ish tab, I took some pictures during the chair recover and will post them there.

 For now here is my WIP list again that I will be working to complete!! and sharing as I do!!

1. Fusion-featured in American Patchwork Feb 2012
2. By the Sea- featured in Quickly Quilting
3. Craftsy BOM 2012
4. Craftsy BOM 2013
5. Block Rock'n -paper piece
6. Bloom Bloom Pow QAL
7. Christa QAL
8. Mystery Quilt- Gourmet Quilter
9. Modern Block QAL- And Sew We Craft
10. Sugar Block Club
11.  Tula Pink City Sampler QAL- Sew Sweetness
12. Flower Patch QAL- Green Fairy Quilts
13. Sampler Quilt-Virtual Quilting Bee

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#5 What about you?

I want to know.....

Am I the only one, the norm, odd man out, or nuts?  I have so many projects on the go. I'm about a year and a half into quilting and want to learn everything, try everything. I'm like a kid in a candy shop!!

 So to date I am working on:
1. Fusion-featured in American Patchwork Feb 2012
2. By the Sea- featured in Quickly Quilting
3. Craftsy BOM 2012
4. Craftsy BOM 2013
5. Block Rock'n -paper piece
6. Bloom Bloom Pow QAL
7. Christa QAL
8. Mystery Quilt- Gourmet Quilter
9. Modern Block QAL- And Sew We Craft
10. Sugar Block Club
11.  Tula Pink City Sampler QAL- Sew Sweetness
12. Flower Patch QAL- Green Fairy Quilts
13. Sampler Quilt- on my own

I do finish projects too!! This is a quilt I made working on it straight for about a week, for a friend going through a really tough time!! ( who is doing great!!)

And a picnic blanket that I quilted myself, shown in a previous post.

I guess the question is....too much, normal, nuts, par for the course??? lol

What do you think? How do you organize your quilt projects? Would love to hear from you!!

And this is how I store my fabrics and scraps!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

#4 "Free" at last!!

Well I did it!!! I turned on my long arm sewing machine and left the computer off!! Yup, you heard it, free motion all the way!! lol
I have been so worried about messing up a quilt! You put so much time into piecing it, that I just refused to attempt free motion.
 So I decided to gathered all the fat quarters in browns and make a picnic blanket!
Truth be told I grabbed every fat quarter that I wondered "why did I even buy this" and made bricks and 1/2 bricks and built a "wall", with a border,
and I looked at this wall quilt and shockingly really liked it, and started to think...I can't quilt this free motion, what if I mess it up!!! So it sat for a week, till I decided to jump in!!
Day #1-- as stated on instagram...3 starts resulting in stitch ripping....thread issues and bobbin issues and threading machine issues

resulted in skipped stitches and improper tension.( I did learn something though, gently rubbing the new white eraser over the ripped threads lifts them out quite nicely!!)
So what do you do when nothing is going right... throw my hands in the air, and make cake!!!!
Banana Chocolate Chip!!
Day#2, 3
So I took a few days off and now went back at my free motion attempt, and let me say, although far from scale isn't consistent and I forgot to baste the sides... oops
and I got lost a time or 2...
overall I have to say....I FEEL LIKE A ROCK STAR!!!!!!!
I did it, nothing super bad happened... I survived.... and I have a quilt done, beginning to end by me!!

All that's left is the binding!!
I've climbed my wall and lived to tell about it!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

#3 Getting Ready for Father's Day

Getting ready for Father's Day on Sunday! 12-14 guests, including 3 fathers to honor! So I thought I would share a few recipes, yum!

 I found a frozen cheesecake recipe online from Kraft that is very similar to the cake my son always requests for his birthday. (which I have always questioned, because his birthday is in the dead of winter!!)

I will give both recipes, the Philly Freeze is the tried and true, after Sunday I will be able to report if the new version is as good!! Just click on the recipes tab above to find the recipes. Enjoy!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

#2 My First Quilts

So there are a few things I am learning, during the process of making a blog.....I am sure there will be many more to come, but this is what I know now....

1. I need to take better pictures!! lol On my phone they look fine but viewing on the computer, not so good!

2. You need to plan what you are going to share, take the right pictures along the way and write down what  you did and why. 
3. Don't stress about it!! This is suppose to be fun, right!! 

So I apologize for the pictures in advance, I will work on that, but here goes.....

I have shared that I just started quilting about a year to a year and a half ago, but I really started my first quilt in 1991. Quite possibly the longest WIP in history!! Lol
I attended a quilt in a day (not quite!!) to make a quilt for my son, than 4yrs. I managed to complete the center of the Boston Common, which I took home and put in a cupboard, and forgot about!! 
When we moved about 3 yrs ago, I found it in the packing stage and thought I should finish it, but again into a cupboard at the new house and forgot about it again.
We were in the new house for a little over a year without a bedspread, when I decided I should make one, and so starts my quilting journey!!!!!
I couldn't make a new one without finishing the first one, but I had no idea how to deal with all the points left on the Boston Common. So off to the local quilt shop and not only did I get help, I joined a beginner class and started meeting the nicest people!!
So I finished the Boston Common and a very simple quilt of blocks using Quilt Wizard Software.  I than booked the 2 quilts to be machine quilted by a local long arm quilter and the rest is as they say "history" I was hooked!!
So that is how I started! My very first 2 projects!! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

#1 My First Post

Wow, now that I'm here, I'm not sure what to say!!

So let me start with Hello!  I'm glad you have stopped by! You can view all the projects I'm currently working on by using the Flickr and Instagram links.

When I clean up my sewing room I will post some pictures of where I'm found most days!! From there we will see how this goes!!

I managed to link up most of the quilt alongs I am doing right now, and will continue to work on the blog site itself. (any suggestions would be appreciated) (like how to change the text colour showing when I post!! lol not what I want!! As I am typing it is black and than green and red on the blog??)


P.S: figured out the text colour issue!! Default in the template I had picked! Had to pick a new one!!