Monday, March 31, 2014

#49 WIPs and UFOs My List

Ok so this is just for me really! Lol!! I need to get organized and get old projects completed. If just to the completed quilt top stage, being as I still do not have a working long arm!! (sad, frustrated face should be displayed here)
I can't seem to help myself and keep joining new QAL. Which is find and lovely and creatively inspiring. But when I look at the projects that use to stir up those same feeling that have never been completed, they are mocking me and raining on my other wise lovely parade of new projects, lol!!! So a list to inspire me to check  finishes off was in order.

WIPs (Current):

1. Sugar Block Club 2014

2. Sew Kitschy BOM

3. Classic Meets Modern BOM

4. Modern Blocks BOM

5. Globe Trotting BOM

6. Layer Cake Sampler QAL

7. Triangle QAL

8. Scrappy Trip Around the World Bee

9. Modern Insta Bee

10. Diamond Tread (quilt )

11. Batik Quilt (just moved from UFO to WIP!!) How to make the block, can be found here!

12. Sugar Block Club 2013 (top needs to be sewn together)

UFOs ( I'm being real, haven't touch these in over 6 months or more)

1. Block Rock'n (paper pieced)

2. Sampler Quilt

3. Flower Patch QAL (ended last yr)

4. Fusion

5. Craftsy BOM 2013 (never finished)

6. Six quilt tops waiting for the long arm to work properly, so that I can learn how to quilt, so that all the                lovely quilt tops will become quilts.

What I have been doing:

New Labels!!
Layer Cake Sampler Blocks 9-12

Modern Insta Bee 2014 August Block (little early, but she knew what she wanted) 
And why make 1 when making 2 is just as easy?!! For my Sampler Quilt

and late arrival......Modern Blocks BOM (last one with the group, but this book has 99 blocks and I have only sewn there will be more!!)
And Sew Retro Kitchen BOM

Thursday, March 20, 2014

#48 Quilt as You Go Demo

UPDATE: my blog address has changed I'm now blogging at
You can find all the content from here at the new address and
all the new content you are missing here!!
quilt as you go tutorial is here

I am so far behind on posting to my blog....
Between illness, sewing for a few Blog Hops and lets just be real....laziness
but here goes.... 

First I joined the Sew Along that The Quilt Barn hosted for the Sew Together Bag by Michelle of Sewdemented and was asked on Instagram how I did the piecing for the outside of my bag. So here are some pictures and explanation of what I did.

1. Start by cutting your batting or fleece a bit bigger than you need, trim down after.

2. Cut strips of fabric the length needed (mine strips were 1.5-2" wide by the length I needed) Lay them out in the order you want to sew them on.

3. Find the center of your batting, and the center of your strip. 

4. First strip is sewn on right side up. 1/4" seam

5. Next strip is centered and sewn with right sides together. Press strip back so right side is up

6. Continue until you cover your batting.

7. I then sewed the 2 end pieced the same way.

8. Then I stitched with variegated thread every 1/4 inch to add a decorative feature. 
9. Trim to correct size required.

What I've Been Up To:

3 Sew Together Bags Completed of the 4 I planned on doing. (4th one coming)

Monday, March 10, 2014

#47 My Quilty Bucket List

I love the idea of making a list
 of all the quilts I would like to make. This way maybe
 I can stay on track and start ticking off my list!!
 We will see!!!!

The Paintbox by Oh Frannson was the first quilt I saw when I first started to think about trying quilting 2 1/2 yrs. ago! The QAL had ended, and sadly I still haven't made my quilt, but it is top of my list!!

Freshly Pieced put out a new pattern last year called Diamond Tread, that I grabbed right away!! I am actually in the middle of this one!! My daughter loved the pattern too and chose it for the quilt I am making for her (and new hubby!!)

Here's the first section of the quilt in progress!!

Modern Blocks! This one I joined a QAL for and have 11 blocks done to this point. I have realized  though that I want to complete the whole book!! 

The Swoon Block by Camille Roskelley!! Love this pattern. I have gotten as far as signing up for the online Craftys class.

I want to learn free motion quilting!!  I can't think of two more qualified to learn from, their work is amazing!!
I guess I should say that quilting all the quilt tops I have made in the last 2 years is on my list too!!

And  I have a stack of quilt books that I want to make at least one quilt per book from, but probably more!!! The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt should be fun!! 
I also realized that Stash Books seem to be my favourite!!

This was fun!! 
Your Turn !!