Monday, September 30, 2013

#26 Holiday Sewing....

So I am now doing 2 more quilt alongs, both Christmas!! Which got me in the mood to start making my Christmas presents too!! Which means I will hopefully stay on task and get everything done well in advance. (I have a huge smile on my face right now, because I know I can be easily distracted by  new interesting quilt projects I might stumble apon....)

What I've Been Up To:

over half way through the City Sampler Blocks

Making 3  table runners...2 fall with Halloween disappearing nine patch blocks for the back side, and 1 with Halloween and another celebration on the back. Trying to decide between Valentine's Day or Birthday.

And I loaded the baby quilt, finally found the right thread....but still waiting for the bobbins to arrive. [They sent the wrong size!! boo :(   ]

Sunday, September 22, 2013

#25 WIPs

So I've tidied up my hobbyroom...

and I'm happy to say it looks pretty much like the pictures still!! Other than the blocks laying next to my sewing machine waiting to be sewn into another quilt top!!

 I finished the quilt as you go String Block quilt! I realized when I was starting to line up the blocks to lay them out, that there was no way to layout the front and know what was going to happen with the back of this quilt. So I literally tossed the blocks in the air and picked them up randomly from the floor into a pile and than began sewing the blocks together! Turned out fantastic!!!

I put the borders on the Craftsy BOM 2012 quilt! I ended up adding the brown (basic gray, grunge) border in and like it!! At first I was adding it because I had run out of the white background and couldn't find anymore, and was going to have to change whites, but by a fluke I came across some in a quilt shop. I decided to add it anyway because I didn't think there would be quite enough white, and it all worked out!!
 I made another wallet. This time I used upholstery fabric for the outer shell, and added the inset piece of fabric.

And completed block 15 in the Virtual Quilting Bee

and I know I keep saying next week, but this time I mean it!!! Next week this one( should ) will  be done and ready for its Post!!

 and Day #22 in the photo a day challenge is nature.....last of the flowers as fall hits us...

I think there is a life lesson in this picture...even in hard conditions when you think nothing could grow or be beautiful... there is strength and beauty!!!

Happy Sewing!!!

Late Entry!!!
Blocks 52-54 City Sampler

Friday, September 20, 2013

#24 Mystery Revealed

So as I promised I will reveal the words on the back of my nephews quilt today!! The clue given was it has something to do with food and I showed the letters as I paper pieced them....

So Lucas wants to be a Chef, so what better phrase for the back of his quilt......
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I figure he is going to be saying that a lot during his internships and training years!!! And one day we will be saying it to him!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

#23 Not Much Sewing Action

I have been doing the And Sew We Craft ,  Photo a Day Challenge for the last 17 days (on Instagram) Which caused a 2 day clean up in my hobby room (day 12-Mess which was already there/ day 13-Organized that took 2 days. lol)  along with the real world office work, and a day off not feeling well... equals a late blog post and not much to share from my sewing room...

What I've been up to:

I made another market bag and lined it

  I started a cowl scarf 

and I am starting another QAL!! 

and I finished the last 2 letters for the back of my nephew's quilt

any guesses yet? 
I will post a picture on Friday!!