Monday, April 24, 2017

I'm an ADORNit Girl!!!

I shared awhile ago that I was chosen as one of's "it girls" 
or ADORNitGirl Ambassadors

And I was beyond thrilled to be chosen, as I have always been a huge fan of their fabrics!!

Before I start gushing and sharing all the fun I've been having and will have for the next 3 months.....

Ok on with the gushing....
Let's start with the video I shared on IG of me receiving my box,
so you can see all the fun items I received to play with!!

I spent more time on all the surprises I received in my box, which I will share in another post later this week, but let me say this much....
I was also super surprised to find out just how much fun the Paintables are!!!!

Fabric first, being as this is what I do and love....
Flamingo Fever....
The name is just fun and the fabrics....well, they are just beyond cute...with a colour palette
that is perfect!

The first thing I decided to do was design a new quilt block, of course.....
I'm calling it Star Promenade...

I'm loving it so much...that now I need to order more fabric,
 because this needs to become a full quilt of some just makes me smile!!

And then with the scraps and bits I started making another block to become a pillow and to demo one way to use a panel block that may have been cut from the bolt without opening the panel.....

No Fabric wasted is my moto...
So I went to work on a pillow design with a pocket for the centre block!!

1. and 2.) show how I added a bit of fabric to the panel block that had a bit cut off, so that when I fold the block it would be the length I needed!
3.) fold and line up *I also added a some interfacing to each of the panel blocks 4.) Base two pieces of fabric together.

Then I just used what I had and started piecing blocks together....adding as I went to get it to the size I wanted. It was fun to just play around, without a real plan, and I love how it turned out!!

And don't you just love this flower border....
The print is rows of the flowers with a cute black line in between....

I added some simple stitch in the ditch quilting, and the top of the pillow was done!!

So onto the back...
and the back has to be just as cute....right?
It's like a quilt...if you make the back interesting too, you get a two for one, project!!!

So of course I used the extra HST I had from piecing the two blocks and used the bits I had leftover again.....

You can see in the picture below I didn't have enough of the yellow print to make the zipper flap, so again I just added some extra fabric, because this will be on the inside of the flap, you really won't notice!!

And just that easy...the pillow is done....
Ok it took a bit of time to do the custom piecing....but normally pillows are super fast, and
always cute!!! Such a great way to jazz up any space and with summer coming...why not your outdoor space!

And only will see that little strip of cream when you unzip the pillow.....

Hope you enjoyed all that fabric eye candy as much as I did!!
I have more ideas coming for the remaining fabric and an order I need to send in to see if I can get my hands on some more of the Flamingo Fever.....

and later this week I will share all the fun I have been having with paints and watercolours....

Have a great week everyone!!

Monday, April 10, 2017

#1000NamesWins......Eddycrest Sewing Furniture.....Naming Contest!!!

When I say this is Big....I am not kidding.....but how Big? That depends purely upon all of you!!!!
You control the level of prizes in this contest!!! Intrigued?
I'll explain in a minute, but first, let me tell you a little bit about 

I first became aware of Eddycrest Sewing Furniture while on a shop hop here in Ontario, Canada. 
It was love at first sight, when I saw the sewing table set up in Country Patchworks 
but I wasn't ready to purchase at the time, because I was still saving for my longarm.
Fast forward a few years and again on the same shop hop, with my husband this time, who is my rock and supports my quilting hobby 100 percent. He also is so much better about spending money on me then I am. Why is it that women feel guilty.... even now that my kids are full grown... I still struggle with spending larger amounts of money 
on things that are "just for me".....
My husband calls them "investment pieces", Happy Wife, Happy Life, lol
and asks me...will they be used, will they make things easier, 
will they last...yes, yes and yes!!!
He's the best, and so right! (don't tell him I said that, 😉)

Ok...back to the original post.....

Left: Short Right                                  Right: Standard

We ended up going back and taking an Eddycrest shop tour....and let me tell you, it's impressive!
Starting with the C.N.C. machine that cuts out each blank sheet of baltic birch

The sewing tables are then routered, sanded and branded by the talented Eddycrest team

The Top Secret finishing process comes next and let me tell you it is smooth!!
(no pictures of that

Then the tables are assembled and ready to ship to all us happy customers!! 

You can see in the first picture I ended up buying a Short Right and a Standard....I'll share more pictures and my experience (all good) in another post, being as this is probably going to be my longest post to date, and you are probably anxious to get to the contest......

And I bet by now you are also wondering what the big surprise is.......
or maybe you skipped to the bottom, lol 

Well the Eddycrest team is expanding their product line to include another sewing table size...
It's just perfect for a small room sewer, compact in size, but with the same quality and craftsmanship that Eddycrest puts into all their products......
They are having a hard time coming up with a name.....
They've been calling it, 
the Basic Sewing Centre work table that is ergonomic and stores just a little bit, but looks and feels "Real Nice"

As you can image that is quite a mouth full....that's where you all come in....
They have decided to have a naming contest, 
so get your thinking caps on and come up with your best idea! 
This is not a random draw type of contest, best name wins, chosen by the Eddycrest team...
 but there is a catch.....

It's a 3 tiered contest:

Level 1:
If 50 of you lovelies submit your name ideas
The Eddycrest team will award the naming winner with a 40" Quilt Mount with white finish
Valued at $70 Can.

click on picture to be taken to a video on how the quilt mount works


Level 2:
If 500 of you amazing readers submit your name ideas
The Eddycrest team will up the ante and the top prize will become a shelving unit 
(sorry fabric not included)! 
Valued at $400 Can.
And the Second place winner will receive the Quilt Mount

And if that wasn't good enough....

Level 3:
Here it is the top prize, if 1000 of you totally awesome followers and friends submit your name ideas (spread the word)
The Eddycrest team is generously awarding the winning name's submitter with.....
Their very own model of the new desk they just named!! How awesome is that!!!
And the Second runner up receives the Shelf Unit 
And the Third runner up receives the Quilt Mount

Valued at $950 Can.

And I know right about now, some of you are this contest open outside of Canada.....

Isn't that Fantastic!!
Open to all!!

And if that wasn't awesome enough....
A few of my other Blog Sponsors 
have generously donated more prizes
So if your name wasn't chosen.....
You still could win in the random draw for these 3 amazing prizes...


is sweetening the pot with this offer for one lucky random winner
Level 1
 Charm Pack of Joel Dewberry's Modernist
Level 2
 Layer Cake of Joel Dewberry's Modernist
Level 3
Layer Cake of Joel Dewberry's Modernist + 3 yards winners choice from Modernist line 
(must choose in stock yardage)

Level 1
$10.00 Gift Certificate
Level 2 
$20.00 GC
Level 3
$40.00 GC

Level 1
$25.00 Gift Certificate
Level 2 
$50.00 GC
Level 3
$75.00 GC

So here is what you have to do......
You knew you would have to do something, 😉

I tried to keep it really share via social media, on FB share original post with blog link
IG share any Contest post with #1000NamesWins 
And if you have multiple name ideas....share one name per we'll all know when we reach that 1000 names goal!!

 Let's get to a 1000+ name submissions and max out these prizes!!

but, do stop by the links I provided to the sponsors and look around and share some love or stop by their social media sites and say thanks.....

If you are a non reply blogger, please please please leave an email address....I sure would hate for you to loose out because I can't find you

To add your name for submission, click on the comments link below! 

There have been a few comments that haven't made it through...I've checked all my settings and am not sure what is happening. If for some reason you comment doesn't post, email me directly....but try the comment link first! Thanks. Trying to keep all the names in one place. 

upstairshobbyroom at gmail dot com
Thanks Everyone

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Let's S.E.W. Link Up 1000 Quilts for Ronald McDonald House

I'm super excited to say that my small quilt is finished and on its way to a quilt guild that is part of
The Big Quilt Bee collection team!!
The last time I checked the Canadian Quilter's Association website the number of quilts had reached 400!!!
We are almost half way there!!!

After doing some more reading I realized that finishing one quilt was probably better then sending a stack of blocks, being as the amount of time at Quilt Canada is limited for piecing and quilting!! 

Have you gotten involved? How are your blocks or quilts coming along?
Here's your chance to share....
Link up your slab blocks or your quilt top or finished quilt for all of us to see...

I know it's hard to tell, but this is a retro print...little boy and girl playing with balloons, so sweet

get entered into this months draw

2 lucky Let's S.E.W. linkers will receive a
$25.00 Gift Certificate


and if you missed my post on February's link up.....I will be adding extra entries for my faithful few who linked up that month!!

I love it when I can use up the extra backing strips that are trimmed off after quilting! This binding (a lovely red wideback, from Fabric Please) is made with such lovely trimmed pieces from another quilt project!! 

One last thing before you link up....
There are some very fun and big events coming really soon....
So you may want to sign up for email post notifications, if you haven't, so that you don't miss out!!

My newest blog sponsor 

And I are teaming up with any amazing contest!
How big the prizes totally up to all of you......
This is going to be fun!!!!
Stay tuned!!!!

Our Winner for the Month

Peggy S

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Monthly Fabric and Fun Enabler

How's the catchy title of the post grab you? I will be making a regular post at the beginning of each month showcasing my blog sponsors sales and events to help you find the fun fabric and items you may or may not have known you are looking for, lol!! 
I'm always looking.....
Comment below to give a suggestion as to the name of the monthly post
say "Yes" if this works for you!!

I want to share again, there are some big things coming in the next few of which has been in the works for months and will change everything, including my web address!!😉
A huge give away and a fantastic book review, which changed my views on curved piecing forever!!

For now, enjoy these sales and coming events!!!

It's Mad About Patchwork's 9th Birthday and they're celebrating all month long....

Starting with Double Loyalty points for the first week of April!! 
Have you signed up??? 
You get your first 100 points for creating an account!!
 Look for the pop up window on the sight

and the Stash Builder monthly deal to help you build up your supply of solids!!

Fabric Please has added a new tab on her us fabric addicted people love to see...

But she will still be offering the weekly rotating sale items too....

Along with all the regular New Arrivals and everyday stock!

Kristy sells great zippers at amazing prices in a rainbow of colours!!!!
I'm always excited when my order arrives in the mail!!
Don't forget to use the discount code
To save 15% off your order!!

One of my new blog sponsors...I really appreciate small businesses that are trying and succeeding at offering great products and customer service!!
If you've been following me you will have seen my new sewing tables, that I purchased last year, from Eddycrest Sewing Furniture. I can't say enough good things about the service we received and the quality of my desks!! So extremely Happy....and
They don't just make  Sewing Tables they also make


If that isn't enough they also make amazing Crokinole Boards

And there is something big, huge even, coming this stay tuned...
If you aren't following my blog or IG you may want to make sure you are receiving updates, you do not want to miss this!!