Monday, August 26, 2013

#20 Letting go of Perfection

Well from last weeks post to this weeks post has been a process of letting go!! Perfection... what is it anyway? because what I think is perfect or imperfect could be the total opposite of what your view is!! I love reclaimed hardwood, have it in our family room and dining area.

All the knots and and holes and inconsistent grain, I love it!! It's imperfections are what makes it special! So why was I having such a hard time with "perfection" in my quilting???
I have no idea!! and I'm happy to tell you, with all of the encouraging remarks I have received over the last week and pushing myself to keep going and finish the quilt top, I have let go of a lot of that "perfection pressure" that I was putting onto myself, and I started really enjoying the quilting process more. I've even started to feel a lot more comfortable with the long arm machine and actually like the finished top!! I even like how it looks on the back!!!! I also can't wait to get another quilt loaded and go again!!! lol!! Quite a change from how I was feeling last week.
I have decided though that I am going to stick with one pattern, probably stippling, until it is second nature and I feel totally comfortable with it, than try learning a new pattern!! I think that way I'll be better able to gauge more clearly my learning and improving curve!! I'm so excited to start!!!

What I've been up to this week:

 String of Pearls or as I call mine String of Pure Style!

You really see the pattern  the stitching makes at this angle!!

 Blocks 37-39 From the Tula Pink City Sampler QAL
Realized I totally missed posting 3 of my blocks

Block# 13 From the Virtual Quilting Bee
Brooke Johnson of Pitter Putter Stitch showed two variations of the same block!! Exact same pieces, just placed differently to achieve two different looking blocks!! So Cool!! How could I resist I had to make both!! Which means I am going to have to make some extra blocks at the end of this bee to be able to incorporate this extra block!!! Oh well it is worth it!!

Here's a reminder of what has been made so far:

 and the hint: Food related

Any guesses?
Last but not least a sneak peak at a baby quilt I am making for a very special baby!!
 More on this next week!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

#19 Quilting Again

Last week I shared that my main sewing machine and long arm sewing machines were both not working. Well I am still down my main sewing machine (repair shop) but received the new screen for long arm and am up and running!!
So as promised on Instagram here are some of the mistakes in my quilting...

I am having a hard time learning on the quilting side of this art form, of making quilts!! I am self proclaimed, although I think my friend Kellie would readily agree, a bit of a perfectionist where quilting is concerned. Which I think is a plus on the piecing side of the equation, just not so much on the learning side of quilting!!! I see and hate every little missed curve, the stitch in the ditch that isn't quite in the ditch (with gray thread on black fabric), getting into the grove only to forget where exactly I'm going get the picture. I know it is crazy, I've only free motion quilted one quilt before this one, and I am expecting my body to be able to do what my eyes have only seen, the first time perfectly!! Not like I am putting any pressure on myself, lol!!

Oh, well I am learning slowly to let go of the expectations and hope that every quilt shows improvement, so I can feel good about the big picture.  For now I will try and take my own advice, and "breath and enjoy the ride"!! Because half the fun of an adventure is getting there!!!
(I have to say in the light of a new day.... the mistakes are still there but I don't seem to mind as much!)

This is what I've been up to:

The Craftsy 2012 is sashed!! Just needs borders!! Still trying to decide what look I want?? I'm thinking of making strip sets of all the fabrics and cutting them at about 3" for the sides and a bit larger top and bottom for the border, if that makes sense? Any ideas or if you agree, please leave a comment below!!!! 

The quilt as you go project is coming together nicely!! I ended up with (64) 5.75" blocks.  I have to agree with Kelly over at My Quilt Infactuation, who is using her scraps in a new free form project,  my scraps seem to be multiplying not decreeing as I sew too!!

Than I found a tutorial on another new friends blog for composition book covers!! Check out the tutorial over at Jacquelynne Steves, The Art of Home

I shared that I was a part of Round 2 Sweet Pouch exchange and my pouch partner sent the cutest little pattern in with my sweets! I got that made this week too!! Ooh and I forgot to mention and take pictures, my  sweet pouch is reversible!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

#18 A Slower Week

I'm still sewing, but at a much slower pace, with my main sewing machine in for repair and my long arm down with a dead computer screen!! Yikes!!! Luckily I just purchased a smaller, lighter machine for taking to classes!

OOh, before I put up the rest of the QAL pictures I promised I have to share pictures of the pattern I tested for Kristy at Quiet Play. It is an amazing pattern!!

 I accidentally took the picture turned! The dark blue should be the square and the light blue on point!! But you get the idea!!

Here: 4 block repeat!! Just love this pattern!!
It's a nice pattern to piece too! You can cut strips and even sub-cut into blocks because nothing is really added at crazy angles!! (Minimum waste)

Well onto the rest of the QAL pictures!!

9. String of Pearls

Nothing really to add for the String of Pearls, but for those who don't follow me on Instagram....
here is the completed front....

and the back.....

and loaded ready for the machine to be repaired so I can quilt this beauty!!

8. Bloom Bloom Pow

I can't tell you how happy I am to finally have this pattern together!!!! I love how happy it is!! I found this one really scary (newbie, fears) but it was more scary in my mind than in actual execution!!  So if you are thinking of doing it....go for it!! Take your time with the seams and pressing, because they do get bulky in the centers!! And if you look close at some of my apple green blooms you will see I made an error when sewing a strip set together and some of my shadow peddles appear to be falling off!! I only share this for anyone struggling with too much perfection....(me) lol!! I'm learning to let somethings go and embrace shall we call it "beauty in the imperfect moments of life"!! And its all ok!! and I still love it!!

Also if you have seen the Bloom Bloom Pow QAL the sides were suppose to be trimmed off to square it up....I couldn't bring myself to cut off what took so long to accomplish!!!! Instead I added triangle wedges to the ends of each row. It worked out great!!

2. City Sampler

This one is so not my normal style, but I'm loving the bright, happy, bold quilt this will be!! Just says fun!!

Oh and in case you are keeping track, to keep me, on track....I have 3 sides sashed on the Craftys BOM 2012!! Hoping to have the other side done today and square them up!! 

I'm going to a have a pile of my own quilts in no time!!! Ya!!

Have a great week everyone!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

#17 I love the beginning of the month!!!

Why you ask do I love the beginning of the month?? It's simple, the 1st of the month all the QAL blocks are posted!!! and  I have been lovingly dubbed "the Queen of Quilt Alongs" by The Sassy Quilter!!! LOL

I thought I would post progress pictures of the blocks by QAL. Kind of fun to see them altogether!

1.Sugar Block Club
Snow Blossom
North Star

Forget Me Not
Sunny Days
Signed Sealed Delivered

Home Sweet Home

Blue Ice (Lime Sherbet)
Camp Out

3. Modern Blocks

Follow the Leader
Megan's Star

4. Virtual Quilting Bee

                                            I've been having so much fun with solids!!

5. Block Rock'n

This one is coming together nicely, though I am behind on the blocks themselves (3 more, but not for this quilt!!) Pictures to follow as I construct!

6. Flower Patch

This one is going to be so cute!

10. Craftsy BOM 2013 

Pictures in Post #16 so I won't add again....this one has definitely pushed me on the learning curve!! New techniques and a quilt with different sized blocks! I will have learned a lot by the time this one comes together!!

Next Time:
2. City Sampler
7. Easy as ABC
8. Bloom Bloom Pow
9. String of Pearls

 Well all of the above are for sure, but I have also made all the blocks for the Craftsy BOM 2012 and have never put them together. Partially because the blocks did not all come out the same size (newbie mistakes I'm sure!!) and I wasn't sure how to handle the top construction!! I think I have come up with a solution... I am going to add a boarder around all the blocks in the background fabric and than trim. Then sash the blocks in a complimentary contrasting fabric, and hopefully it looks great and solves the sizing issue!!
It is my goal to accomplish this by the end of the month!! Be my accountability partner and ask me how it's going if you don't see pictures or hear back on the subject!!! lol

As Easy as ABC

 Mystery Quilt
 Secret Garden

That's it for this week, bit behind, I have the flu, my main sewing machine is not working and now my long arm is on the fritz, not a good week!! But I'm not letting it get me down!! : )