Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Morning Savings

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Morning Bliss, and a List

The Bliss:

Oh, it was a good week....maybe not for completing my planned to-list.....but when you keep yourself open to possibilities, new challenges can jump right in!!! Lol, in other words, I was distracted by a fun challenge and couldn't help but say yes.....more fun procrastion!!

I received this fun bundle in the mail (#Happy Mail, as I like to refer to it on Instagram) from The Quilting Bee, a fantastic quilt shop in Fonthill Ontario. Tula Pink's Eden prints in Amethyst. I have to admit I'm not a big fan of animal prints, but the pixel tiger intrigued me, and I wanted to see if I could come up with a small project using the line that I would like. I love a good trying new ideas and pushing myself outside of my (normal) box....

So I opened up EQ7 added the fabrics and started playing around....and this is what happened....

*(edit) Funny how things work out....I ended up naming this pattern Bliss Medallion.....

And I love it!!!

If you love this quilt pattern as much as I do....

I wrote up the pattern and it's for sale on my Craftsy Pattern Shop 

In More Happy Mail News

these fabulous fabrics arrived 

from P&B Textiles

I will be sharing more in the coming months with these lovely, gorgeous fabrics

I'm so lucky to get the chance to spread the word about the new line (top left) 
called Garden Gate, this line will be available for purchase in your local quilt shops before Christmas. Remember when you see a line of fabric you like, mention it to your local shops, hopefully they will be able to order it in, if they haven't already!!
Bottom Left is Urban Scandinavian, here in blue...but comes in more colours and black and white....all in a positive and negative version of each print.....I can't wait to start sewing with this and all the other prints too. (Top Right: Rambles 10, Holiday Ramblings Cute tone on tone whites with different prints on each. Bottom Right: Color Weave!! 

The List:

  1. Complete another month in the One Block Wonders BOM
  2. Sew another row of blocks for the Around the Block quilt top!! 12 left.
  3. Continue sewing Geese blocks together. 29 left
  4. Finish my Dog Gone Cute projects
Like I said not a great list week, but I checked one off and completed another really fun add on, lol!!  Guess we know what I'll be doing this week......maybe.....

  1. Complete last weeks list
  2. Complete another month in the One Block Wonders BOM
  3. Stay focused.....on the list......  :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dusk Pattern Review and a Give Away

I was lucky to get to test From Blank Pages new pattern called Dusk. It was the first pattern of Diane's that I have sewn, so I thought I would share a little review with you all.

  1. I've never sewn a paper pieced pattern before that came with cutting templates. It was fantastic!!! I was a bit skeptical, being angle challenged....but they were perfect, and a much better use of your fabric!! 
  2. The pattern is written so well and easy to follow, with lots of tips and help links
  3. It comes with 2 size options, 18" and 24" (mine is 24") 
  4. It's on sale right now.....always good
The only minor issue I had was there was no fabric yard requirements listed.  I kinda ran out of one green colour I thought I would have enough of.  To fix it, I added another green and just adjusted their placements and it turned out great. Hind sight, I should have taken the templates and laid them out on my fabric to check, but I hadn't thought of that. (I'm not sure if this was changed in the final pattern alternations) Don't let this stop you though, once you've laid out one blocks templates just write down what you will need and times it by the number of blocks you are making. 

I haven't had a chance to finish my block yet, still deciding if it will be a pillow or a mini for my wall.
I am also pretty sure I see a full quilt with this block in my future!!!! It is just so pretty and you should see all the testers versions too!! Use the tag #fbpDusk or @fromblankepages on Instagram. Diane will be sharing pictures of all our blocks over the next few days. As always you can find me @upstairshobbyroom on Instagram. 

I used Shot Cottons and Kona Indigo for this block. I said this before, but worth repeating....I bought this fabric sight unseen, and wouldn't use it to quilt with, but thought it a good project to use it up with, being as it wouldn't see much washing. It is pretty light weight, better for summer cloths I think, were you serge the edges of this very gauzy type fabric. (If I was talented enough to sew my own cloths, that is)

The Give Away

One lucky reader has the chance to win this fantastic pattern, so spread the word..... and good luck

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Morning Bliss List

Yeah, I like that a lot! It is bliss, for me anyway. I like to be organized, I like lists, i love being in my "UpStairsHobbyRoom", so a Sunday Morning Bliss List  seems like the right name!!. Not to mention there is something so good and right about Sunday in general. It is a day of rest and reflection. A day I usually start off at church. A day we usually spend with family and friends. A day before the hectic week starts all over again. So what better name or time to just set up your week for set a stay on task.....or at least try, because let's face facts, life happens..... :)

Like last weeks list that was a repeat of the previous weeks list, with only one item checked off. Did I let that get me down....nope, I just copied and pasted, insert goofy grin, for another week.

Last Sunday my list looked like this:
  1. Finish all prep for the BOM
  2. Test a paper piece pattern for Diane, From Blank Pages....this pattern is amazing
  3. complete another row of  "Around the Block"  paper pieced pattern (formally Gridlock)
  4. Complete the Flying Geese

So was the first item on my list realistic, nope! 12 months of blocks are not going to happen overnight, but I did get October done!!!! The tutorial is written and waiting to go up on the 2nd of October. I still may have some tweaking to do, but it is ready!!!!
I did get more Around the Block blocks done and all the geese are made and coming together in blocks!!! So it took two weeks, but who cares, it's done!! 

So what's your bliss....
If lists stress you out, don't do lists. This should be fun, bliss if you will, and one of the best quilty sayings I've heard is "Done is better than perfect"!!!!!! So whatever way works for you... lists, no lists.....just enjoy the making!! I like to say, "enjoy the journey as much as the destination" because sometimes the journey is what it's all about and the destination is just the icing!!

  1. Finish all prep for the BOM
  2. Test a paper piece pattern for Diane, From Blank Pages....this pattern is amazing
  3. complete another row of  "Around the Block"  paper pieced pattern (formally Gridlock)
  4. Complete the Flying Geese

So that list completed, I am ready to start again!

And as you may have guessed I've been playing around with a sketch app. All I've been doing lately is secret sewing, so I really don't have much I can share, so I wanted some images to break up all my talk-typing. Lol, hope it helps!!

My Bliss List:
  1. Complete another month in the One Block Wonders BOM
  2. Sew another row of blocks for the Around the Block quilt top!! 12 left.
  3. Continue sewing Geese blocks together. 29 left
  4. Finish my Dog Gone Cute projects
Have a great week everyone! Find your bliss, and don't forget to share it with the people around you!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

So Many Things to Procrastinate With

Lol....Have you ever known that you have deadlines to meet and all you keep doing is finding other projects to work on, that are not that deadline or goal?? I have been so distracted by lovely pattern makers and fabulous paper pieced patterns that need to be tested....and are just begging me to get involved!!!
So I did!! 

and I know I have share this one with you all but it is worth another picture....
Dusk, by Diane  From Blank Pages pattern to be released in October. Stay tuned there is more fun coming with this one in October!! 

and a new crochet project...
because it's fall and I need to stay warm!!

Sorry I have no idea what the name of this stitch is. I have a crochet book that has 500 stitches, which is a bit of a stretch, because a great number of those stitches are just variations of a stitch. This one is a good one though!!

But now I must stay focused!!!!

There are only 2 weeks till the  One Block Wonders BOM starts
I will not let you down,
and this is not for dramatic affect...I seriously don't have the tutorial ready yet. 
That is todays goal so it leaves me plenty of wiggle room to check and re-check everything. 

So that's it, a recap, and a personal push from me to me, lol!!!
Have a great week everyone! 

Oh wait, this was a late entry for Monday's Sales post and I sure would hate for you to miss this sale, so mark your calendars....
(click on the image to get all the details)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Morning Savings

Welcome to another Monday Morning Savings....this one is a little different, I've added a work in progress image!! My nephew has always been into art and graphics so I asked him to help me come up with a logo and some blog images. So today I am unveiling, not the final version,  the first attempt. I burst out laughing when I saw it, it's so cute.
Story behind the image....
That's suppose to be me, lol. The piggy bank and saving money, speak for themselves, but some of you may or may not know, I live on a farm, a working hog farm! Too funny!! 

This Weeks Savings