Monday, November 25, 2013

#35 More Holiday Hullabaloo Blog Hop Information

Have you heard of Quilty Box? It is a Subscription Program for Quilters!! 

Get Surprised...Get Inspired...Get Quilty!

Quilty Box delivers a package of amazing products each month curated with the coolest fabric companies, designers, bloggers, artists,and organizations across the community.
Quilty Box is your monthly muse to keep you growing and creating.

(this is just me talking from my own consumer experience)
The program wasn't available in Canada at first, but  there were some extra October boxes and an instagram message went I quick ordered one, fanastic!! Even better news came that they had worked out the shipping to Canada, so I ordered a November box too. Well you know how crazy things can be when you are starting up, a Quilty Box arrived, and I thought it was my November box. When I opened it, it was another October box. I figured there must have been a mix up when I ordered my November box and they thought I was ordering an October box. I sent off an email, Tabitha had also realized the mistake and was going to be sending me an email too. Long story short.......I have an extra Quilty Box!!! My fortune is your gain!! I am going to put the box up for a give away during the Holiday Hullabaloo Blog Hop (along with all of the other prizes available)!!! So if you haven't heard of Quilty Box or you didn't get an October box, come back during the Blog Hop for a chance to win!!When I told Tabitha I would be giving the box away as a prize, she offered a promo code, so if you check out Quilty Box and like what you see use the code below to save $5.00 on your first box! I used another bloggers code when I ordered my November box! Kinda Cool Now I have one!!


good till Dec 19, 2013

I have been working on a simple project to feature in my post during the Blog Hop. Sneak peak...kind of.

Another Chalk Board Table/Buffet Runner

I finished the Modern Trees QAL

I started the Honey Cowl pattern by Madeline Tosh, with Madeline Tosh wool! I can never go back to using synthetic yarn again ! The yarn is so soft and fantastic to work with and the colour, amazing! The picture just doesn't capture the colour at all.

 And as always 3 more City Sampler Blocks

Late Entries:

Thursday, November 21, 2013

#34 Lots of Fun Things to Share.....

First I usually write a new post every  Sunday or Monday, but with the storms and high wind passing through our internet has been down for 2 days, and my iPhone decided to crash at the same time. Which compared to the devastation in the US and Philippines is a minor inconvenience! My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone touched by the latest storm systems!!

Internet is now up and the battery in my iPhone replaced, so lets get to some of the good stuff!!

I have joined the Kona Solids Blog Hop taking place January 7-17, 2014. I'm very excited about it and working hard to come up with a fantastic project to feature!! Maybe even a tutorial! For sure a give away, Mad About Patchwork is donating a prize, so make sure you stop by!! I thought it was going to be the first time I participated in a Blog Hop as a contributor...

But, I got an invitation to join another Blog Hop!!!
So December 2-6 is my first official Blog Hop as a participant! I'm over the top excited now! There is going to be a lot of fun and prizes for you too! So check back and join in! More information to come!!

What I've Been Up To:

Some Happy Mail!! I won a prize through Modern Blocks QAL

I won a Modern Patchwork magazine, posting a comment on The Charming Needle, fantastic! So many wonderful projects inside including Josee's Petals and Patchwork pot holders!!

I received my Art Gallery Fabric bundle that I won, on Instagram!! 

I finished my nephew's quilt!! And added a label!! Don't forget the coupon code for labels if you are looking to buy some. Top right corner of blog page.

  I have 3 of 13 (baker's dozen) placemats done for my mother-in-law for Christmas! Last post for these! The back is Fall/Thanksgiving, front is Christmas! They were done quilt as you go.

  I made a casserole carrier. Though I think it would be better called a Pie Carrier! Too small to be for a casserole. (pictures just to show how it works! It would not close around that casserole dish!! lol) Love the fabric though!! (ps. red polk a dot fabric added, because the fabric in the kit was so out of square, I had to add it to make it the size it called for! If only I had understood that it was way too small I would have added more all the way around!! Oh well)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

#33 A Coupon Code

When I started quilting and sewing again I knew I would want to come up with someway to label everything. If not for now the future. I found a label company while reading another quilters blog and with her help and Freyza the owner, I received the most lovely labels to sew into my projects. I have since ordered labels for my mother-in-law is navy with silver print with a graphic, and they were just as fantastic, and my mother-in-law was thrilled! When I started getting inquiries about where I purchased my labels, I contacted ikaprint and Frezya has made a 5% off coupon code for you to use if you wish to order labels of your own. Just type upstairshobbyroom in the coupon code area before you finish your order!

 This is the an example of the proof email, you check to make sure everything is the way you envision and than you ok the labels! It will also help give you a reference point for label sizing. Then the next step after receiving them is start to add them to your projects!! Lol, unless you are like me and keep forgetting and have to get out my stitch ripper and remove a few stitches to add the label!! It's crazy I even have them in their clear plastic bag thumb tacked to the cork board where I am sewing! and I still forget!

What I've Been Up To: 

When I showed the calendar to a friend, she wondered if I needed to add something in the center so that when I  hung it up it doesn't sag. Something I hadn't thought about, especially since I added borders and made mine larger than the original pattern, which gave me the opportunity to add a label, because surprise, I forgot!! lol

I quilted the Modern Trees QAL

I'm really happy with the way this one is turning out, even though I chose the easier layout and very simple quilting!! All that is left now is choosing the binding and sewing it on!! (oh and adding a label!!!)

I completed the November block for The Sugar Block Club. One more block to go. I was so happy with this blocks turn out, wasn't sure about the plaid fussy cut, but I love it!!
 I knit the Gap-tastic Cowl so pretty! I didn't have any chunky yarn so I just doubled up worsted weight, and it turned out great!
and as always 3 more City Sampler Blocks:
I had fun with these (73) I just did very simply (74) I used 4 fabrics instead of the 2 the pattern asked for, partly because I thought it would look interesting and partly because I want to use up some of the scraps making these blocks creates. (75) I flipped the pattern and solids, and I used a different fabric for every little square! and it turned out awesome!!!