Wednesday, August 7, 2013

#17 I love the beginning of the month!!!

Why you ask do I love the beginning of the month?? It's simple, the 1st of the month all the QAL blocks are posted!!! and  I have been lovingly dubbed "the Queen of Quilt Alongs" by The Sassy Quilter!!! LOL

I thought I would post progress pictures of the blocks by QAL. Kind of fun to see them altogether!

1.Sugar Block Club
Snow Blossom
North Star

Forget Me Not
Sunny Days
Signed Sealed Delivered

Home Sweet Home

Blue Ice (Lime Sherbet)
Camp Out

3. Modern Blocks

Follow the Leader
Megan's Star

4. Virtual Quilting Bee

                                            I've been having so much fun with solids!!

5. Block Rock'n

This one is coming together nicely, though I am behind on the blocks themselves (3 more, but not for this quilt!!) Pictures to follow as I construct!

6. Flower Patch

This one is going to be so cute!

10. Craftsy BOM 2013 

Pictures in Post #16 so I won't add again....this one has definitely pushed me on the learning curve!! New techniques and a quilt with different sized blocks! I will have learned a lot by the time this one comes together!!

Next Time:
2. City Sampler
7. Easy as ABC
8. Bloom Bloom Pow
9. String of Pearls

 Well all of the above are for sure, but I have also made all the blocks for the Craftsy BOM 2012 and have never put them together. Partially because the blocks did not all come out the same size (newbie mistakes I'm sure!!) and I wasn't sure how to handle the top construction!! I think I have come up with a solution... I am going to add a boarder around all the blocks in the background fabric and than trim. Then sash the blocks in a complimentary contrasting fabric, and hopefully it looks great and solves the sizing issue!!
It is my goal to accomplish this by the end of the month!! Be my accountability partner and ask me how it's going if you don't see pictures or hear back on the subject!!! lol

As Easy as ABC

 Mystery Quilt
 Secret Garden

That's it for this week, bit behind, I have the flu, my main sewing machine is not working and now my long arm is on the fritz, not a good week!! But I'm not letting it get me down!! : )


  1. Oh my goodness! You are the queen of quilt alongs. I love it! And, your use of solids is looking great. I like your modern quatrefoil block; I've sorta got the fabrics pulled for mine, but that's as far as I've gotten.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thanks, Jessica!! I haven't been quilting for very long, and I want to learn everything, and there's no better way than to dive in!! (the deep end in my case!!) But it is so much fun!! I get behind sometimes too and leave some projects alone for awhile, but the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy!!
      I'm on the mend, not 100%, but getting there!! Thanks again for stopping!

  2. I have to agree with the Sassy Quilter!! LOL Fantastic fabrics, and all of your blocks look great!

    I haven't even started Secret Garden yet. I wanted to get my Skill Builder blocks quilted (so I don't get behind on those AGAIN) and get the Tula blocks for the week done, and then I was gonna start Secret Garden.

    Hope your sewing machines get to working properly... fingers crossed they were just having a "bad day"!

    1. Hey Christine!!Funny Huh!! But I love it!!
      The Secret Garden is so refreshingly simple, the hardest part for me has been getting the blocks into the layout I like. I needed an easy one!! But the best part I think is the fact that it compliments the fabric so well!! Sometimes simple is best!! Let me know what you think!!
      Ya, unfortunately I think both machines are more than just a bad day!! Time will tell!!

  3. Wow! That's a lot of blocks. You are hands down the Queen! Love the fabrics for Block Rock'n!

    1. Thanks, Sarah!! There is so much out there, and so many good QAL, it's hard to stop!! And it is fun learning so much!! The Block Rock'n paper pieced one has been a lot of fun, I have learned so much!! I can't wait to see it come together. I'm adding some paper pieced text to the top and bottom.

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  5. I'm amazed at all the projects you have going on. Crazy! They look beautiful!

    1. Hey, Janet... ya a little crazy, lol, but most of them are a block a month. Now I have to stop myself from wanting to start anything else or nothing is ever going to get finished!! But all the QAL look so good!!

  6. The Queen of QAL's is right!! wow! That's a lot going on at once! Looks like you've got it going on though, because all of your blocks look awesome!

    Thanks for linking up at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    1. Thanks, Kelly!! You seem to always have stuff going on too!! But yours are finished!! lol I'm getting there!!

  7. You go girl! That's even more than I knew:) Great work and you are gonna have some fabulous quilts to show for all your hard work. I am only in two and feel stretched, lol.

    1. Thanks, Paula!! I do feel stretched sometimes, but I love it!! And I can't wait to start seeing them come together and have my own horde of homemade quilts!!!!

  8. So many fabulous blocks - my favourite is North Star. I really can't believe how many you've made, they're just incredible :D

    1. Thanks, Chrissie! I am having so much fun learning!!

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks, Frances!! I've been having a lot of fun!! My only frustration comes when I go to quilt!! Being a bit of a perfectionist, is not a good thing when you are learning!! Great for piecing, not so great for quilting!! lol


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