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#48 Quilt as You Go Demo

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I am so far behind on posting to my blog....
Between illness, sewing for a few Blog Hops and lets just be real....laziness
but here goes.... 

First I joined the Sew Along that The Quilt Barn hosted for the Sew Together Bag by Michelle of Sewdemented and was asked on Instagram how I did the piecing for the outside of my bag. So here are some pictures and explanation of what I did.

1. Start by cutting your batting or fleece a bit bigger than you need, trim down after.

2. Cut strips of fabric the length needed (mine strips were 1.5-2" wide by the length I needed) Lay them out in the order you want to sew them on.

3. Find the center of your batting, and the center of your strip. 

4. First strip is sewn on right side up. 1/4" seam

5. Next strip is centered and sewn with right sides together. Press strip back so right side is up

6. Continue until you cover your batting.

7. I then sewed the 2 end pieced the same way.

8. Then I stitched with variegated thread every 1/4 inch to add a decorative feature. 
9. Trim to correct size required.

What I've Been Up To:

3 Sew Together Bags Completed of the 4 I planned on doing. (4th one coming)


  1. Thank you for the tutorial. I love your fabric choices for all of your projects!

  2. WOW. I have messed around and done NOTHING lately. I think you have inspired me. Thank you for the tutorial. I like the right angle idea. I had only ever seen it with diagonal strips. It never occurred to me to do otherwise. How do you join you blocks? There are several methods out there, I was just wondering how YOU do it.

  3. I love that bag. I went over and looked at the bag pattern on Craftsy. She has one picture where she lined it with Liberty of London fabrics. Wow. It is on my wish list.

  4. I LOVE your QAYG for those bags. I was trying to come up with different ideas for the outside of the bag, since I'll be making about 8 bags, and this is perfect! I'll definitely be doing this.

    I just love seeing all of your work. You've been SO busy!! Beautiful blocks. I am really loving those layer cake blocks.

  5. Thank you for demonstrating the quilt-on-the-go method. It was a mystery to me. Now it's all clear. And now, it's something else I want to try. I see so many interesting things on blogs that I'll have to live 200 years to try them all!

  6. Hi! I love your bags! Great idea, beautiful and practical! Fantastic blocks, too! x Teje

  7. Wow, I am VERY impressed by those bags with all those compartments and zips - love the orange one

  8. Wow- you've been busy. I love those 3 zippered bags especially.

  9. Thanks for showing all your wonderful projects. The colors are great. You're quilting looks so expert, that I was surprised to see that you're relatively new to quilting. I'm also doing many of the same quilt alongs and have admired your blocks on the Flickr or linky pages. Thanks especially for showing how you did the quilt as you go sew together bag. It is so stylish and doesn't look too difficult!

  10. That zippered bag looks like quite the accomplishment! And, I like the fabrics that you chose for the triangle quilt along.

  11. How large a quilt can you make using QAYG? I love the colours on this one!!

  12. Where did you get the pattern for the zip bags? Would love to make one, but how difficult are they? I'm a sewing baby. Not very accomplished yet.

  13. You did a *beautiful* job on those Sew Together Bags!! We have featured the pattern here: I'd really love to feature one of your bags as well as this QAYG tutorial too.

  14. Quilt Barn is my daughter...Isn't she amazing? Love your selection of fabrics!

  15. Your Sew Together Bags are absolutely gorgeous!!
    I love them all and I love the pattern, but I'm very scared of the english tutorial. ;-)
    Maybe one day ...

    Thanks also for this great quiltasyougo hint, I love this quilting method and it's a lovely idea for those bags ♥

  16. Merci pour ce magnifique tutorial ,vos tissus sont splendides !!

  17. thanks for this really helpful tutorial, I love your fabrics and your quilts are lovely.
    I am going to check on your blog if there is the tutorial for the multi-pockets pouch, I really love it !

  18. Good morning. I was lookibg for a pattern for this cute bag. Do you still have it?

  19. By any chance, are you selling your pouches ?


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