Sunday, April 13, 2014

#51 Long Arm Struggles continue

As some of you know who follow me on Instagram (@upstairshobbyroom) I purchased a long arm and have had nothing but problems with it. Everything major has been replaced, and I still have issues (will sew for awhile fine and then goes into a slow sluggish stop start action going to the start of a quilt pattern and when it starts the pattern, the machine goes crazy fast with a jerking motion causing jagged jerky stitching). I was thinking how can a company have so many lemon pieces, a manufacturing problem? Than I swapped out my machine and component with the shop owners and I am having the same issues with hers, even though hers runs fine at her shop, and guess what.... mine runs fine at her shop!!!!! So what is the problem???? I have said all along it has to be the rural power grid I am on (this machine is power sensitive)  (our home is only 4yrs old so our wiring is fine) , but no one will admit to this or agree with me, and I am stuck being totally frustrated and riddled with guilt over the money I thought I was investing, that wasn't much of an investment at this point!!!!
I share this because I am hoping that anyone who has a long arm will share any insights they might have and for future reference what long arm they use and why?  I need info to move on from here, calling all long arm quilters!!!!!! and if you don't, but know someone who does, can you forward the info and ask them to email me, I would be so thankful! ( )

(Update--the long arm has been working better, thankfully I have found some info and maybe the hydro in our area has improved, do to some wind turbine that have gone up. Whatever the reason...I am very happy!!!!)

What I've Been Up To:

Not much sewing this week, but lots of Maple Syrup was made!! We have a small batch still to jar, but from 50 taps we produced approx 45L of syrup!! We make it for ourselves and family, every other year. This year was a total family experience, everyone got in on the action. :)

Here's the  good part of trying to figure out what the issue is with the Long Arm,  4 baby stitch sampler quilts. Not perfect stitches, but still usable, so nothing goes to waste.

Got my Triangles all sewn together for the Triangle QAL


  1. Boy, I hope you can figure out your problem - how discouraging! Your maple syrup looks heavenly...and sweet.

  2. Wow! Your triangle quilt looks great! Love all the other projects too!

  3. I'm not sure about this, but I wonder if using a power surge protector thingy might help?

  4. I am so sorry to read about your long arm issues. I wish I had a suggestion, but I do not. I am glad your blocks are coming along. I am not sure if I would have felt happy enough to do any sewing once I had long arm problems like yours.

  5. Your quilting is amazing!! I know you are having issues but wow, you are working through some pretty debilitating issues in a very beautiful way!! :) Your triangle quilt is beautiful and your blocks are awesome :)

  6. Longarm quilter in a 100 year old home out on a farm so I am on the rural grid. I have my longarm plugged into a computer-grade surge protector and I have never had a problem with the electricity. I have an Innova...not sure why that should make a difference. I know that we have had power surges in the past that have destroyed refrigerators, so I know there are wild things out there with rural grids!!

  7. is your machine a gammill statler? If so there is a yahoo group that is a wealth of information and someone on there might be of help. I can give you more details if so.

  8. Oh man how frustrating that must be, I can't even imagine. I do hope you get it figured out soon because there is some beautiful quilting on those baby quilts and you need to share that gift you have with others. I have an APQS Millenium and I just love it. But I don't have the power issues that you do.

  9. I have a Gammill and I live in the country. I have not had any electrical problems. When my machine was installed the dealer used a surge protector. My husband recommended having the voltage checked for that outlet. He suggested plugging in an electric motor of some sort, such as a blender, and see if it runs erratically.


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