Sunday, September 7, 2014

#68 UFOs, WIPs and My Messy Space!!

So here's to full disclosure!! To keeping it real!! I have taken on a few new projects, a lot of BOM and QAL, and right now just one Bee (swap). I love fabric (a lot), am always finding more projects I want to do and adding to my ever growing list.....and  I have also started working on my family Genealogy again!! What does this all add up to......a very messy sewing space and a list that has turned from fun to...oops...what am I doing.......eek!!!!
Here's the thing, I know I work better in a tidy, organized space. I also do better when I tackle a limited number of projects, although that number is pretty high, depending on the type of projects. So why does it always seem to get out of hand?? There must be a life lesson here somewhere! I'm just not getting it, I'm a slow learner it seems.
So I am writing my plan down, and showing shameful ;) pictures (no before and after pictures today. This is live time, lol), in order to get me back on the straight and narrow.....

 My UFO List:(Anything started but not touched in more than a couple of months)

  1. Sampler Quilt
  2. Hidden Stars Paper Pieced blocks
  3. Flower Garden Quilt
  4. Fusion Quilt
  5. Craftsy BOM 2013
  6. Sugar Block Club 2013 (blocks are done)
  7. Block Rock'n (2 more blocks to do)
  8. Layer Cake Challenge BOM

My WIPs List:

  1. Sugar Block Club 2014
  2. Classic Meets Modern BOM
  3. Aurifil Designer of the Month BOM
  4. Globe Trotting BOM
  5. Sew Retro Kitchen Paper Pieced BOM (one more block)
  6. Scrappy Trip Around the World (Red and White Blocks)
  7. Diamond Hexie EPP Quilt (this could take years, lol)
  8. Modern InstaBee Come Together Quilt (one more block and this one goes together)
  9. Bow Tie Quilt
  10. Wedding Quilt
  11. Christmas Quilt
  12. 3 Quilts to bind
  13. Table Runner to bind
  14. Sew Together Bags
  15. Coaster Sets

My Projects:

  1. RJR What's your Shade Blog Hop- Ready for quilting!!
  2. Participating in a BOM/Blog Hop starting in October, I'm one of the blogs, should be great fun!!
  3. Modern InstaBee for the rest of this year! This bee has been a learning experience and a lot of fun!!

My Goals:

  1. To stay on a new project fast (other than commitments) till my UFO list is 0 and my WIPs is 1 or 2
  2. To quilt all the tops I have waiting: I think there are 11 if I am counting right and haven't lost any in this mess!
  3. Learn EQ 7
  4. Master Long Arm Quilting (Basically,  just feel confident!! and not scared, will always be learning)
  5. Take better pictures
  6. Stay organized 
  7. Learn something new, 
  8. and share the joy of quilting with someone else!!
Can you see what I mean? This is a lot, and the scary thing is I will probably come across more stuff I missed when I organize and clean, Oh Boy!! 

Do you work well in clutter? How do you stay organized? Multiple projects, or one project at a time?

Have a great week everyone!!

What I've Been Up To:

 Sugar Block Club with Amy Gibson
 Sew Retro Kitchen with Kristy 

And I made a Passport Wallet featured on SewMamaSew by Frocks and Frolics 
I tweaked it a bit: I added an extra row of pockets, the family I was gifting it to has 3 kids. I also lined the zippered pocket so it would be more finished on the inside. I used normal cotton fabric it called for oil cloth that I didn't have. I should have added interfacing. I also added round elastic for the loop instead of making the fabric loop. I think for the next one I will use 1/4" flat elastic and a loop big enough to go around the wallet for more security. Great gift idea!!

And don't forget about the free Block of the Month starting in October. Still lots of time to sign up!!


  1. Sandy...what a hoot!! I loved showing the picture of your sewing room to my husband. He thinks I am out of control with fabric and WIPs. From your picture he has learned that I am not alone!! Thank you for saving me.
    You get sooo much done. I don't know how you do it all! Keep up the good work.

  2. I will be waiting on your blog post about your goals, I know you can do it.

    I need my sewing room organized, it helps that is not only for sewing and it is the room you look at when you enter my home, so, I like to tidy after each day.



  3. Oh, that is not that messy at all! You have been making so many beautiful things!

  4. I must work well in clutter because I can't get away from it! I have so much of everything, but it all gets shoved back when I have customer quilts to quilt. I need to block out several months to just quilt the 50+ quilt tops I have waiting their turn. When I am piecing a top, I stick with one until it is finished...I don't do BOMs or QALs because they take to long between parts that I lose interest.

  5. Your "mess" works well for you, Sandy! Lots of pretty blocks there! Nice!

  6. I am looking forward to your last Kitschy block! I still have to make mine too!


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