Monday, October 27, 2014

#7 Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM Block #1

So excited the  Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM  has finally started!!!

I heard from a lot of you how much you were looking forward to the BOM starting, and I felt the same way!! So here's to an exciting beginning and 6 months of great blocks, sewing fun, prizes and surprises, and getting to know each other!!

Spoiler alert:
I won't show you till the end, but I chose to make the original 6 blocks into a Christmas table runner (in Moda Figgy Pudding, with a few other fabrics thrown in), and being as I would need that before the BOM was over I have completed my blocks already, but I am working on at least one other project with the blocks and more then likely another just because it is more fun to work along with you!!

I chose to use a focal fabric for my centers for the runner and an all over quilting pattern instead of applique or embroidery, partly because I haven't done much or either of those and mostly because I chickened out!! lol

 So on with the picture show:

I am apologizing right now for pictures that I obviously forgot to check as I was taking them, and now is too late to retake, eer!!

The quilt pattern is a snowflake and string lights digital pattern!

Have fun with your first block and see ya next month!!

if you haven't signed up....what are you waiting for?


  1. Hi, this is Barb from "Garden Path Quilts" (part of this blog hop) and wanted to say that I just love your fabric choice! So gorgeous! I can't wait to see it when it's all done!

  2. What a beautiful Block One! I love that you used fabric (from your stash) and can feature that in the center, too! Your quilting is so lovely. Can't wait to see your finished table runner! Great idea!

  3. Gorgeous, Sandy! I love the snowflake quilting, too!

  4. Gorgeous fabrics! I really like the quilting too. :-)

  5. Love the fabric choices. I thing this is my favorite of all the blocks I've seen.

  6. Oh. My. Goodness. I LOVE your block with these fabrics! Sandy, this is stunning!

  7. Hi Sandy, nice to meet you and everyone!
    This is wonderful! I love the fabrics and the quilting pattern is perfect!

  8. Oh sew pretty! I like the quilting too!

  9. Your block turned out wonderfully!!

  10. Your fabric choice is amazing! I love the Figgy Pudding Collection. I am giddy over this block. I can't wait to see the rest of this table runner. I have to sign up for your blog. You are awesome.

  11. Thanks for having pop-up instead of embedded comments. Now I can comment and tell you ... what a wonderful block! I love the fabrics you chose. I'm going to be excited to see the whole table runner when you show it.

  12. Oh, my goodness, I love these prints for this block - gorgeous color choices that really enhance that center print - fabulous!

  13. Just delightful! I love the fabrics you chose for this block. I love how it looks with the big print instead of the applique center.


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