Monday, March 16, 2015

#83 Getting into the Wild...... Zebraz

What a fun week of cute sewing....Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts has done it again....another wildly cute animal themed quilt!!! Here's to adorable Zebraz!!!!

I used the some of the same fabrics from my Elephant Parade to tie this cute wall hanging into the same theme. Will use another fabric from it for the binding and if I have enough a fabric from the Zebraz to bind the Elephant Parade.

I also found some cute patterns over at   Funky Friends Factory  for some Stuffies! So I will be making these to tie in too, would make the cutest baby room ever. (Pauline didn't sell a zebra pattern, but I figured in a stripe fabric, the horse will make a perfect zebra!!) I'll let you know how the patterns goes once I attempt them!! (oh and I saved on my order, because Sew Mama Sew is showcasing, Love for Softies, Toy Designers right now, so its a good time to shop.)

I also made a mini from JayBirds Quilts, using her mini Hex N More ruler. That was a challenge, with all those small pieces and matching angled seams, but I love how it turned out!!

Then my fabric addiction got an ugly reality check when I found sun damage on a piece of fabric I was going to use.......too much fabric? not using it fast enough? Storing on the wrong wall in my hobby room? I chose the last answer, though the first two are all too correct, eeeek.......
Thus the great room switch and clean....boy did I make a mess.....and turning a 12' long arm in a 9' room, not easy, especially with all the piles of stuff everywhere that I had to unload from the cubicles and long arm frame shelf. Thank goodness for double doors, a good sized landing/hallway, and a screwdriver.....and a lot of it done!!!
So now the fabric is on the wall that doesn't get direct sun and  further into the room, the long arm is on the sunny side, the fabric has been reorganized as well my cutting area and computer area, and everything has been cleaned and put away.




On a fun youngest son took over my phone, to take a bunch of selfies......and posted one to He was testing his costume for the games night they were having at Junior High, last Tuesday night, at our church (he was going for, his words, a smart guy that would be on Jeopardy). He build a spinning game wheel (welded it out of metal pipes for the kids and to donate to the church....he did a great job of it) He didn't take a picture unfortunately. (may post a picture tomorrow, if he remembers to take one when he goes back to Junior High)

 He makes Me Laugh....what a great heart this guy has....


  1. Oh, to have a room like yours, or maybe 2. lovely set-up, what do you do on the long desk opposite your sewing machine? Do you have a large cutting table somewhere? Mine is packed away in a shed for now...selfies, he is such a good looking dude!!

  2. What a gorgeous sewing room - before and after! Looking good! Of course I love those Zany ZebraZ and can't wait to see your striped horse. That is going to make for an adorable set. Your boy looks great and does appear to be smart..... Alecky. Hee, hee!

  3. Fun projects--love the zebras! I have been contemplating doing the exact same move in my sewing room. I need to get my longarm closer to the light and my fabrics bins away from it. I'm hoping to get some help from my sons, because every time I think about doing it, I get tired--lol!

  4. Love your sewing space. Lots of storage which we can all use. Your son looks like a great fun loving young man.

  5. I love your ZebraZ wallhanging. I made three ZebraZ quilts myself, but I love your interpretation of the pattern very much. Lovely colors.
    Hope your son make you smile very often. He is cute.


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