Monday, June 8, 2015

#92 A Dresden Table Topper

Quick update for those of you who are interested in the Wiggle Me Colourful Sew Along....I have been working on the pattern this week and have it tweaked to work with a single jelly roll and background yardage for a completed quilt top. I have to laugh at myself, when I made the pattern I was just winging it and I guess I had more than one jelly roll open and laying around. Oops, and who knew (not me) that a jelly roll only has 40 strips and not 42, like the other precuts, lol. I really need to pay closer attention. Anyway all is fixed with the pattern and will be making the tutorial over the next few weeks!!! So excited to get this done and out to you all. Hang in I'm almost there.

Thought I would post some quick pictures of the Dresden Table Topper I just made for my Mothe-in-law's 75th birthday (today) party this Saturday!!  It turned out better than I had envisioned.

I used the 10 degree ruler, cutting 36 blades from 9 different fabrics.

Instead of appliquéing it to a block I decided to add backing and finish it with the points as part of the charm. 

 I layered the batting, then placed the backing fabric right side up and the dresden right side down, pin in place. Sew 1/4" all around the outside edge.

Trimmed away the extra

Clipped the inside corners and trimmed away the bulk of fabric and batting from the outside corners.

Trim the bulk of fabric and batting away from the outside corners

Turned right side out and poked out all the plate points.

I pressed it, pinned it and starting in the centre did continuous 1/4" from seams quilting on all blades. Sewing every other blade the first time round and finishing the missed ones the next time around.

For the centre I made a patchwork of 1.5" squares

I traced the circle onto the patchwork with heat erase pen and stitched around on the line for pressing my seam allowance.

Pinned in place

I started with the 4 to make sure it was centred and added a few more after.

blanket stitched with some yellow decorative thread

One more project done and checked off my party prep list!!!


  1. So pretty, looks like a purple sunflower, love it!

  2. Very pretty and cheery. I am sure our Mother-in-law is going to cherish her table topper. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing how you finished this. It's lovely.

  4. I love it! I want to make beautiful table toppers. I have a round dining table that needs this. Beautiful!

  5. Love the way the points are part of the design and stand out. Neat idea.

  6. trimakasih infoya sangat bermanfaat...


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