Saturday, July 16, 2016

Re-Post and Finish for the Garden Gate Crocheted Quilt

There have been so many wonderful compliments and questions about this project that I thought I would update the original post and share my finish here at the same time!!

You can't go wrong when you start with this awesome fabric....

Garden Gate from P&B Textiles

 Well I had some extra bits left over and you know how much I love this none can be left unused....

 I stumbled across this lovely idea over on Fanny Lu Designs and just knew it was what I needed to do with the extra bits! This is going to be amazing! 
I mean what can be better then combining two creative loves into one project....When crocheting meets fabric....yes please!!

Check this out....and check out the tutorial Tiffany has made...including YouTube videos, for us very visual learners!!

 Isn't this lovely!! 
I can't wait to see my blocks come together!! 

 The yarn I chose and I hope it will work....though I may have to change it, because I just realized this yarn is thicker then what is called for in the it maybe too thick to sew with??
Updates to follow on this one for sure!!


What I learned....
1.) Pick a needle that is sharp and the eye is relative to the thickness of your yarn. I chose a yarn that was a #3 weight, when the pattern called for #1 weight (thinner). So I actually changed from this needle to a larger one. By the end of this blanket my thumb felt like it had a bruise, from pulling the yarn, so I will make sure if I make another one that I try to find the thinner yarn.

2.) I made my blocks larger, as I said, and when I made my stitch guide I wasn't thinking about making sure I had the same amount of stitches per block side...silly when you make your 1/4" stitch guide, make sure you just add the tick you need between your top stitch lines. 

3.) Look at the back to make sure you are pulling your needle through at the same depth each stitch! I used the topstitch line as my guide, front and back.

4.)By making my blocks larger I basically went the crochet pattern also needed adjusting....but because I wanted to crochet (join as you go) I ended up just doing the shell stitch around my blocks with a single crochet in between......

The little shoes are a free pattern I found on line here on the Michael Miller website, and a great way to use up the smaller leftovers from this project!!
What I didn't like about this pattern and maybe it doesn't leaves a seam on the inside of the time I am going to try putting the shoe together differently so that the seam ends up inside the sole....wish me luck. I'll let you know if it works!!

That's it for now....
if you came over just to check out this post, take a moment and read the post previous to this has a great ending!! 😉


  1. This is truly the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen! I'm a quilter, but I was a crocheter long long before that, and to see this combination just makes me sigh, it's so gorgeous!! You should be so proud. Just a wonderful, beautiful quilt.

  2. Beautiful quilt! Love the fabrics and the colour of the yarn! This project is on my to do list. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Gorgeous!!! Like Lynne I was a crocheter long before I started quilting and love the combination of the two.

  4. So beautiful! I started one of these years ago, I really need to find someone to teach me the crochet part! Your's turned out so lovely!

  5. Love this idea. Your crochet quilt is fabulous.


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