Wednesday, May 17, 2017

GiveAways: We Have The Winner...Eddycrest Naming Contest

So the good news....
The Eddycrest team has chosen the winning name for their newest sewing desk design......

The not so good news.....
We did not reach our goal of 1000 names....

We fell short of the 500 names mark....making the Prize Level 1

I want to say thank you to all of you who shared and added names...
And there were a few of you, you know who you are, who went above and beyond....
Trying to help reach that ultimate goal of Level 3!!!


Stay tuned and stay connected....
I heard a rumour that the Eddycrest Team may try another contest at some point......

I also want to say a big thank you to the other Sponsors who stepped up and offered amazing prizes for you all to win!!! 

One more little TidBit of info for you all.....
I've been working on a new website....not me really, but a
And it is almost ready to launch....just tweaking some last minute issues.....
Like you being able to continue to follow my blog by email, etc....
and a few other, oops forgot about that, things

So keep a look out for my last post here, coming soon....which will direct you to the new sight...

I'm super excited to switch...but be patient when it does happen there will be some tweaking that will still need to be done..and a learning curve for me on the new interface....
But, I'm hoping for a very smooth transition!

Also, I will not be shutting this sight down, as the last post will help direct anyone who misses the announcement the first time or just happens to land on my home page from old links....
but when all is said and done all the content from will have moved and will be available in a much more user friendly format!!

Now on let's announce the Winners.....

The winning Desk Name is......

Submitted by:
Tamara Isaac-Smith

Tamara will receive the Quilt Hanger for her name submission.

Runner Up
Compact Starter 
Submitted by: Sharon Tucker

And Honourable Mention
Just A Table
Submitted by: @friedatong

The winner of the Random prizes:

Gwen Brewer

Monique Atkinson

Shared on Social Media Prize Winner
Kholoud Abdulaziz

All winners will be contacted shortly by the prize sponsors! Thanks so much everyone for participating and a special congrats to all the winners!!

Have a great rest of your week!!


  1. Great result! And hopefully the new website will make it easier to comment once it gets past 200 comments so the next giveaway will be easy peasy!

  2. Tamara, what a great name for the little sewing table, well done, and congrats to all the winners, and as always, so many thanks to your sponsors.

  3. Thank you! What a lovely surprise

    1. Thanks for the name Tamara! Please contact us through email with your contact details and we will coordinate the delivery of your Quilt Mount!
      Congrats, Adam

  4. Thank you sew much for the prize.

  5. Oh Yay!!! I'm a runner-up, that's so cool 😄 Congrats to Tamara!!!


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