Let's S.E.W. Picture Gallery....a Link Up Party

Let's S.E.W. 
From November 2016 to February 2017 
here on UpStairsHobbyRoom the Let's S.E.W. will be combined with the BigQuiltBee from the 1st to the 8th of each month! from the first of the month till the end of the month, till February.

But it's not just for the With Glowing Hearts blocks....
You can link up any project you have made the previous month or if you want to start the first month with a WIP and share the finish the following month...that works for me too!!

This is all about Sharing what we love
Encouraging and being encouraged
and don't we all Win when we do that!

...and maybe some months... a lucky participant may "win" something lovely too...😉

That's how I came up with the Link up name.....a little cheesy maybe, but I like to think of us as a community of friends that share a like passion....who want to help, encourage and teach each other as we are making things with love...that we share with the people we love!

I hope you will link up and share what you have been making ...and for whom/why...
Let's all inspire and be inspired by each other...

Here's the links to Big Quilt Bee Link ups for
December        January         February    April

Here is a Button if you have a blog and want to share with your readers what you are up to and give them and you a link over.


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