Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Double Duty Day

Double Duty Items

I was struggling the other week when I was trying to follow a pattern while I was sewing. The book kept following over and shutting, it was driving me nuts. I was trying to think of a way to have the book sit and be readable, when I remembered something I had purchased on sale and put in my gift closet. (Yes, I have a gift closet. Just part of my cloths closet, but I buy things when I find a sale to keep for baby showers, and bridal showers....and some of the things I sew end up in there till I gift them :)
Anyway I had bought a cookbook holder, thinking it would make a great shower gift and forgotten all about it....but Double Duty.....It works great behind my sewing machine to keep my pattern books open and visible. I can also put my iPad or iPhone on it too.
Looks like I'll need to keep my eyes open for another one for the gift closet, this ones mine! lol

CookBook Holder

ScrapBooking Paper Holder
 I use these to sort and hold my WIPs. I work on more than one project at a time, so these are amazing at keeping me organized!!

What I've Been Up To:

I shared on Monday about the Emmaline Bags Retreat Bag pattern, and was contacted by Vicki about the variation that Clover&Violet came up with adding a divider to the original pattern!! I love how the quilting community shares and gives!!! So of course I had to check it out, and try this version!!

This is before the frame went in! I love it just like this too! The size is great and the shape is lovely!!

 But adding the wire frame just makes it so much easier to get things in and out!! It gives the top of the bag a firm shape, holding the top open.
Don't forget there is a discount code for the Internal Wire Frames from Emmaline Bags in the pages tabs above, if you want to try this amazing pouch yourself.
 Some Emmaline Bling!!! love these pulls!! What can I say, I'm a Canadian girl!!
 An addition to the Poolside Tote I made a little while ago!!
One Christmas Present completed!!

And a little more progress on my Diamond Grid (working name)

I have another question for you too!! 

Well a repeat of the previous question: How many would be interested in a series of One Block patterns for minis/quilts? Starting in October? I have heard from a few and all positive so far, 
thank you!!! 
The set up: The pattern above would be included in the series, but because of the size I made it (10") and the way I grouped the paper pieced areas, this prints on 2 legal sized pages per block and needs to be taped together. 
The Question:Would you prefer a smaller block and/or change the grouping if I can so there would be no taping of pattern pieces, but you would have to sew more units together.?? The above is three units per block. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

#102 Monday Morning Savings

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I am starting to use these instead of pins where ever I can. 
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Love it when my Zipit zippers come too...great zippers, fun colours....I'll be needing to place another order soon....and I'll be using the code below when I do.
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I had this on my list of "To Do" projects for a while now and finally got around to sewing 2 on
Saturday. I know they won't be my last!

The pattern is well written, and easy to follow (even though I missed adding the one type of interfacing to the external bag pieces, oops) You know the part of the pattern where the designer all the instructions before starting the pattern?? Ya, I didn't, lol! but the bags are still perfect. It's a great size and I love the shape, even before I added the internal frame.

The great thing about adding the frame, it gives the top of the bag stability, so it will stay open when you are using it. (Janelle added a tip to the pattern about glueing the rubber ends on so they don't come off in the casing. I would do that the day before, or at least a few hours, so the glue has time to dry. Mine kept popping off, but I was able to feel them and get them back in place. So just my tip to save you some time!)

 There are also two inside pockets

And of course you have to add some of Emmaline Bag Bling!!

If you haven't tried the pattern or it has been on your list of projects to try, nows the time! Take advantage of the discount code "HOBBYFRAMES10" and
click here to go and download your own free Retreat Bag pattern.