Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fridge Soup Sewing......

When I have produce in my fridge that I needs to be uses up, or it is going to go bad...I call it fridge For lack of a better name, it works....because every soup will be different and the only common denominator is the Fridge Soup!!
Well, I'm coining a new HobbyRoom phrase now too....Stash Soup.....Sewing my feels so good, and like a good soup or stew in the fall and winter months.... it's comforting......

As some of you will be aware I've been saving for and am now the proud and pleased owner of an Innova 22" Navigator  with Lightning Stitch. I purchased it from The Quilting Bee in Fonthill Ont., and I can't be happier with the whole process. Never did I feel any pressure, they answered all my questions (and I'm sure I was not their easiest customer, coming off my original bad experience with a previous long arm purchase, I had lots of questions and reservations), They had me down to use a machine (quilting a project I brought with me, at no charge) and were just nice, you just know that they love what they do!! The purchase, delivery and set up were fantastic too.  They are always available for teaching and training, I just need to call and set up an appointment. They truly want you to succeed and enjoy your journey.  Now I just need some time to get on the machine, and read the manuals, because I know myself, if I don't have some practical experience I won't retain what they teach me. It will also give me a chance to have a list of my own questions to ask.

All of that said to add, I have put myself on a spending freeze....and that is why I am sewing Stash Soup....and I'm telling you, to keep me accountable. So other than threads, and background solids, maybe a tool or two for the new machine....the bank is closed for rest and 
To finally be sewing with some of the fabrics that have been sitting here for far too's a good thing too....

So this is what My Stash Soup looks like this week:

I signed up for the Splendid Sampler, I hope to at least do some of the blocks.... I'm super busy, but I'm going to try....I couldn't resist this project though....and if you have seen the original pattern, YES, I totally sewed the block together wrong. My HST were wrong and I didn't feel like ripping so I made my own originally improvised pattern....

Why I'm super busy.... the One Block Wonders and ......I have 2 ongoing collaborations with The Quilting Bee featuring  Free Spirit Fabric, fabrics! Happy to say the first project is quilted and on display at The Quilting Bee and the pattern is being tested right now. So hopefully will have that posted in my Craftsy Pattern Shop in the next month. The second is still being made...pattern to come.

This is the start of the second size for the Bliss Medallion,  I'm testing my own pattern using my stash...

and I'm loving it.....all this lovely fabric had just been sitting in my cubby wall....

Pink fabric is: Crazy Love by Jennifer Paganelli
Blue fabric is: Lark by Amy Butler   both of these and the background white are from FreeSpirit Fabrics
Orange is: Lazy Day by Riley Blake
Green is: a wild card...I sadly don't know, so if anyone knows please leave a comment and tell me. 
Two more rings to go.....

Have a Great Week everyone....

Friday, February 5, 2016

One Block Wonders February Block Xs and Os

Xs and Os

I hope everyone is enjoying the BOM...sure would love to hear more feed back...dare I say, even if it is constructive criticism!! Just want to make sure I am on track and not missing anything in the instructions or visuals! 

Well here's to another great month....all about love this time (being as it's Valentine's in 9 days)! So let's start sharing some love right now....January's Winner.....of 

$30.00 Gift Certificate is....


You all have seen the sneak peak of the Hugs version this month's block, in Mon Ami, 
donated by Rita from 

and her year long discount code
Saves you 20%

who is also Sponsoring a $40.00 Gift Certificate for a lucky participant in February.

was the lucky winner of the FQ Bundle to be able to make her own mini of this month's block, if she chooses!!

is Joining in the fun too!! If you haven't checked them out you should....such great custom tags, etc, in them.
They are donating 20 Custom engraved Maple tags to a lucky sewer this month....
as well as a discount code
saves you 5% off your order Feb 1-28, 2016

I'm also excited to share

RJR Fabrics 

is donating a FQ Bundle 

of their new line Bugsy to one lucky participant!!

If all this doesn't encourage you to get sewing.....

Here is the tutorial and alternate version of this months block.......

Xs and Os 

Find the written pattern Here, in my Craftsy Pattern Shop
The pattern is free for the month of February.
Bugsy by RJR Fabrics

1/4" seam allowance
Press seams open....but I'm not there watching, whatever your preference is, but I think open is going to work the best... ;) *see below comment

Basically this is a nine patch, once some prep work is done!

Step 1: 

You will be sewing on the line for the smaller background squares and 1/4" on either side of the line for the larger squares.

Step 2:
Place your 2 large squares right sides together and stitch a 1/4" on either side of the diagonal line you drew or like me on the two lines you have made with your ruler.

Cut the block diagonally from corner to corner down the centre of your two sewing lines.

and trim one of the blocks to size. The other block is extra!!
(I keep a bin and I'm collecting all my extras....someday it will become a lovely scrappy quilt)

I love using the 1/2 square triangle Trimming ruler for this!!

Step 3:
Place a background square on a corner of your Fabric 3 right sides together, lining up the raw edges, and stitch along the line. Then sew the second square on the opposite diagonal corner. (chain piecing these makes it go quicker) Repeat this process with the Fabric 4 squares too.

Trim a 1/4" seam allowance and press the background square open. Trim your blocks. Do check, sometimes things get off and a few "off" blocks can make a difference.

When all is right with he world no trimming is necessary.....

 When all is not right with my sewing world I need to trim.... 
 My world is right about 50% of the time, lol

 Prep work is over and now on to the fun part of constructing your block!!

Follow your colouring sheet for block placement (colouring sheets are available in our FaceBook Group)

Now you will have noticed here that I did not press my seams open, good for you for catching that!! All was well with this plan until I started sewing the blocks together and started getting double bulk because my seams were going the same way. *So do as I say not as I did.....I will be pressing the rest of mine all open!! lol

Mini with 4 blocks connected:

Hugs Version:

Just rotate the corner blocks...all other steps remain the same.


How fantastic does this mini  look in the Mon Ami line from Moda....

Bugsy by RJR Fabrics,  I'm loving this combination

 a Mini with Bugsy

I want to thank RJR for allowing me the wonderful opportunity 

to be a fabric ambassador* from time to time 

and so glad I had a chance to work with the new Bugsy line .....seriously adorable....

in stores in February!!

*Being a fabric ambassador : Sometimes I am sent fabric which I get to make pretty things with  and blog about it. Sometimes there is even an extra bundle for a give away....I am not told what to make or what to say....(my words are always my own......)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Have You Seen This......

I was lucky and won these lovely labels from All This Wood a few months back.....

 And I have started to add them to my finished projects.....and love the way they look.....

Well Ana and her husband, who run this lovely Etsy Shop, are sharing a discount code with all my readers for the month of February (1-28) 
will save you 5% off your order!!
And they are one of our February One Block Wonders sponsors too. 
So one lucky sewer this month will will 20 Maples Tags pictured here, custom engraved!!


I totally forgot to add this info.....