Saturday, June 15, 2013

#4 "Free" at last!!

Well I did it!!! I turned on my long arm sewing machine and left the computer off!! Yup, you heard it, free motion all the way!! lol
I have been so worried about messing up a quilt! You put so much time into piecing it, that I just refused to attempt free motion.
 So I decided to gathered all the fat quarters in browns and make a picnic blanket!
Truth be told I grabbed every fat quarter that I wondered "why did I even buy this" and made bricks and 1/2 bricks and built a "wall", with a border,
and I looked at this wall quilt and shockingly really liked it, and started to think...I can't quilt this free motion, what if I mess it up!!! So it sat for a week, till I decided to jump in!!
Day #1-- as stated on instagram...3 starts resulting in stitch ripping....thread issues and bobbin issues and threading machine issues

resulted in skipped stitches and improper tension.( I did learn something though, gently rubbing the new white eraser over the ripped threads lifts them out quite nicely!!)
So what do you do when nothing is going right... throw my hands in the air, and make cake!!!!
Banana Chocolate Chip!!
Day#2, 3
So I took a few days off and now went back at my free motion attempt, and let me say, although far from scale isn't consistent and I forgot to baste the sides... oops
and I got lost a time or 2...
overall I have to say....I FEEL LIKE A ROCK STAR!!!!!!!
I did it, nothing super bad happened... I survived.... and I have a quilt done, beginning to end by me!!

All that's left is the binding!!
I've climbed my wall and lived to tell about it!!


  1. You should be very proud! Your quilting looks awesome! Cant believe its your first try! What a success, well done! I bet you cant wait to start quilting your next quilt...?

    1. Thanks so much!! I love the support and feed back posting gives, really encouraging!! And you are so right, now that I have broke through the wall of fear, I can't wait to try again!!

      Glad to hear you are on the mend!!

  2. This fellow quilting Canadian wishes to commend you. Congrats on the finish! Glad to see you persevered. Your free motion quilting looks great! Hope to see more of your work.... I am following you!


    1. Thanks!! And that is exciting, a follower, cool! Quitting was never an option, to stubborn!! Lol

  3. No quilt police came? Whew:) Great job Sandy! Love the fabrics and your thread choice looks nice.

    1. Lol! Nope no police!!! Thanks a lot, I really like it too!

  4. Great job.

    I have just finished the quilting of my first quilt, but I don't have any special foot for my sewing machine, so it is straight line quilting. It's the kind of quilt that needs straight lines, so I don't mind.

    If I ever get around to making another quilt I am going to have to try my hand at free motion quilting - it looks like fun.


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