Wednesday, June 12, 2013

#1 My First Post

Wow, now that I'm here, I'm not sure what to say!!

So let me start with Hello!  I'm glad you have stopped by! You can view all the projects I'm currently working on by using the Flickr and Instagram links.

When I clean up my sewing room I will post some pictures of where I'm found most days!! From there we will see how this goes!!

I managed to link up most of the quilt alongs I am doing right now, and will continue to work on the blog site itself. (any suggestions would be appreciated) (like how to change the text colour showing when I post!! lol not what I want!! As I am typing it is black and than green and red on the blog??)


P.S: figured out the text colour issue!! Default in the template I had picked! Had to pick a new one!!

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  1. You had to pick a new template or a new colour?

    You've probably figured this out already, but you don't have to choose a new template to change the text colour. If you want to change things about your template, click on "Template" when you are at your blogger dashboard, then click on "Customise" under the picture where it says "Live on Blog". There's a few things you can play around with there, including backgrounds, column widths and layouts. To adjust colours of text, click "Advanced" and play around with the settings there.


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