Monday, July 15, 2013

#12, Alberta and Quebec

I was spending some time this afternoon reading blogs that I follow and came across a request.  Pam at Mad About Patchwork was helping get the information out about a project being spearheaded by Cheryl Arkinson, for Calgary and Southern Alberta, to make quilts for those affected by the recent flooding. My brother and his wife live in Calgary, though were not hit directly by the flood. When things like this happen, it affects everyone, because you will know someone, a friend a co-worker, the guy you buy your gas from, the person next to you in of course I would love to help, spread the word and build a block!!
Cherly's blog can be found with the link provided, which takes you to the most recent update. Go here to the June 24th blog with information on how to make a slab block, and how to contact Cheryl, if  you would like to donate a block. The deadline is July 31, 2013. 

Here is my block, though I had not sure I totally understood what she was asking for, it is 15.5" and I hope it will work!!
I think we have all heard of the devastating train derailment in Lac Magantique. Cinzia at Deux Petites Souris has started an rallying to have flags made like those done for Boston after the marathon bombing. 

The deadline to make a flag is Aug 24, 2013 and can be mailed to:

Courtepointe Claire
re: Drapeau Lac Megantique
3143 boul.Dagenais ouest
Laval, Quebec
H7P 1T8

Here is a link for flag making insstructions, Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild

I will post a picture of mine here when I am done!!

 And I finished my flag only to realize I didn't read all the info and used pinks!! (Wrong)

 They have asked for blues and greens and to avoid the use of flame colours!! Back to the drawing board!!

 And here is the new flag, in the right colours!! I was able to tweek my heart pattern a bit and changed the scrappy version of my hope pattern to be more readable and still scrappy looking!! So over all having to make the flag twice wasn't so bad after all!!

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