Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I have been slacking off on posting to my blog again....

Sew Kitchy BOM 2014 at Quiet Play. Kristy is doing another Paper Pieced BOM this year with a Zoo Animal theme....so cute

I have found it hard to get back into the swing of things since Christmas and the New Year happened. As some of you know, I have learned in the last year, after being sick for years, I have a lot of food intolerances. As much as I try to avoid eating the food that ultimately hurts me, it isn't always easy. Sometimes the ingredients are hidden and sometimes I'm just too tired, and all of this is just too new and still seems to  require so much energy, eek. So needless to say, if you understand allergies, I haven't been at full energy or wellness this month. 
It's really hard when gluten, wheat, eggs, all dairy ( the protein) and a few other foods are the things that are hurting you. So much of our diets revolve around these staples. So, I have pledged to make learning and educating myself on my food issues a priority this year, especially the finding of recipes... like bread and pizza dough (I can handle the no cheese  but the gluten free crust at the pizza shop...not great).  It's been really hard adjusting and still is some days, but I do feel so much better when I behave, and silver lining, I have dropped 2-3 sizes (not sure how much weight, I don't weigh myself) :) 
I would love your help too... If any of you have or know someone who has some of the same dietary restrictions and have a great recipe... I would love for you to share it with me!!  I am also thinking of starting a new blog just to keep track of websites and information, I'm horrible at remembering all this new information. So if you share a recipe, add if I can post it or not (if the blog happens, thanks). You can email me at upstairshobbyroom at gmail dot com. 

Hope you don't mind the sharing, for now back to Quilting!!

What I've Been Up To:

I have 21 bibs made to send to Noah's Ark in the Philippines...I just need to bind them:
Girls version: (Velcro will be added when they arrive so they can get the right placement)
 Boys Version:

Finished all the BOM for 2014 (blocks only, still need to assemble tops):
 Classic Meets Modern:
Update, I'll be posting more pictures in another post next week!!

 Sugar Block 2014 at Stitchery Dickory Dock

Assembled the Globe Trotting BOM top:

Got the bindings on 2 of the 3 quilts I had finished:

Made the 4 mini Sew Together Bags from OPQuilt.com worksheet in her Tutorials tab (you need the Sew Together Pattern from Sew Demented) and used only my stash #sewmystash2015. I have joined in on the challenge, widget link on right side of blog page.

Had a great Sew Along Day on January 10th, with Jacquelynne Steves for the Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM:
#sewmystash2015 (used my stash for this beauty too)

 I upsized the pattern to a 32" block for my coffee table...

And started on the Companion Carpet Bag by Samantha of At Home With Mrs. H , January bag from the Bag of the Month Club from Sew Sweetness: (used my stash other than the exterior...don't collect heavier fabrics, #sewmystash2015)

This is my first real structured bag pattern...I joined the club last year but only manage to sew the Poolside Tote by Noodlehead (awesome pattern) So I am over the moon with how well it has turned out so far. Waiting on the handles and frame to finish. My goal is to make the remaining 5 patterns from last year and the 6 new ones from this year....insert, hopeful smiley face, lol.
 my handy new sewing awl, for when my handles arrive
And my list that will follow me this year to keep me on track, hopefully....

To Complete List

Blocks to Piece (blocks not finished)

  • (3)Triple Star Blocks
  • Playing Cards (Bee Blocks)
  • (?) Scrappy Trip Around the World Blocks 
  • Fusion Quilt
  • Flower Patch Quilt
  • Lattice Bones Quilt
  • Colouring Box Quilt
  • Sew Kitchy Paper Pieced BOM (one more block, Miss Betty)
  • Craftsy BOM 2013

Quilt Tops to Sew Together (blocks are complete)

  • Sugar Block Club 2013
  • Sugar Block Club 2014
  • Block Rock'n
  • Classic Meets Modern
  • Aurifil Designer of the Month 2014
  • Globe Trotting BOM
  • Layer Cake Challenge
  • Come Together (Bee Blocks)
  • Playing Cards (Bee Blocks)

Quilt Tops: to Quilt

  • City Sampler
  • Churn Dash QAL
  • Nested Churn Dash
  • Parade (tester pattern)
  • Square Deal
  • Trifle Dish Moda QAL
  • Modern Blocks QAL
  • Virtual Quilting Bee
  • Triangle QAL
  • *Globe Trotting BOM
  • *Classic Meets Modern
  • *Sugar Block Club 2013

Quilts to Bind (that's all I have to do, you would think I would just get it done)

  • Bloom Bloom Pow
  • Craftsy BOM 2012
  • Mystery Quilt

New Projects to Do this Year:

  1. 15-30 adult size bibs for special needs children at an orphanage in the Philippines (church missions trip in April) (the number turned out to be 21-just need to bind them!!)
  2. Design 2 original projects and write up the patterns ( I am excited about this challenge) more info on this in the future
  3. 2 quilts (one niece/one nephew )
  4. Set of Placemats (12)
  5. 4 mini Sew Together Bags
  6. 4 Regular Sew Together Bags
  7. 6 Duffle Bags
  8. 6-11 purses, yup not kidding, I join the Bag of the Month again this year over at Sew Sweetness and last year of the six I only made one of the bags. This year I am determined to complete them all.
  9. New Christmas Stockings (8)
  10. Christmas Tree Skirt
  11. Misc sewing of pouches, because there is always a need for a simple pouch or 10, lol.
  12. *Elephant Parade, because it was so cute I couldn't resist!! Which makes an even dozen new projects. One per month....that's doable.......



  1. Wow, you have a lot going on! I love seeing all of your projects and it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who can't refuse a good BOM!

  2. You've gotten so much done! Hope you're starting to feel better!!

  3. there is a blog on gluten free (etc) http://fourspoonsglutenfreerecipes.com . She has the same type of problems as you do; maybe that will help. (I found it because I was looking up gluten intolerances for my granddaughter, and the recipes I've tried so far have been fine)

  4. What a beautiful line up of projects from 2014! I love that pearl bracelets border. Thanks for sharing about the adult bibs. Our church is having a sewing day for that kind of project, too, for a local nursing home. Looking forward to following along on your progress this year, Sandy! Hope you do take good care of yourself and feel well!

  5. Holy cow you are a busy lady! I love all of your projects, and your CmM blocks look so gorgeous framed in the black! Love it!

  6. My sis has the same allergies and is celiac. Also can't have soy, flax or corn! Very hard! We are soy free here and avoid gluten. Makes chocolate and pizza difficult :( BUT the good news is the restaurant "The Works" has lots on their menu you can eat! And are very helpful!

  7. My sis has the same allergies and is celiac. Also can't have soy, flax or corn! Very hard! We are soy free here and avoid gluten. Makes chocolate and pizza difficult :( BUT the good news is the restaurant "The Works" has lots on their menu you can eat! And are very helpful!


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