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#78 Bibs for Noah's Ark

I have gotten some inquiries about the sewing project I am doing and where the bibs are actually going, so I thought a quick post was the easiest way to get the information out!!

My husband, daughter and youngest son, will be going on a missions trip to Noah's Ark in the  Philippines in April. It will be my daughters 3rd time, and my husband and son's second. 

The last time they went, back in 2013,  I was able to, with the help of other ladies from our church, sew 8 twin sized quilts, and make some crochet baby blankets and ponchos for the smaller girls at the orphanage.

PHILIPPINES – Linda Veldhuizen has lived and worked in Banaue for 20 years where she has built and administers a children’s home called ‘Noah’s Ark’ for orphaned or displaced children. Over 200 children in the community are sponsored by Childcare Plus.WATCH

This time the requested items were for the special needs teens that stay with them 3 months at a time and then go home to their families for 3 weeks. There are approximately 7 young adults needing bibs and washable diapers. I took on the bibs while my MIL and her ladies group at church are undertaking the diapers.

I found a bib pattern online here, with a PDF of the pattern pieces here

I changed mine  a bit. I squared up the corners of the pattern, knowing I was going to be binding the edges, to make it simpler. I also added a backing fabric and a waterproof lining. (soft on one side and plasticy on the other) and a catch all pocket at the bottom front. I wanted to make sure no wetness would seep through while they were being worn, and hopefully the pocket will catch anything missed while eating.

For the bib fronts I used terry towel fabric I bought at a fabric warehouse and I cut up some towels I bought on sale at Target.
To make the pocket cut some of the terry 4" by the width of the bib and bound the long top edge.

So basically to construct the bibs... I cut two full pattern pieces one of terry and one of cotton, but the liner I just cut a rectangle the size of the bib. I layered them together like a quilt, cotton right side down- waterproof rectangle and the terry bib rightside up and a pocket at the bottom ,  and serged  the edges all the way around. If you don't have a serger zig zag or straight stitch will work, just to hold everything together for binding, makes it easier. (at this point if you serged your edges, you could be finished, but I think adding the binding just looks so much nicer and more finished) For binding: It takes 3 WOF strips 2 1/4" or 2 1/2" sewn together on the short edge to go around each bib. I sewed the binding by machine both ways. Sewing the binding to the  terry side first and  topstitching on the backside, the terry at the front hides the bobbin stitches very well.  

The bib neck will be finished with velcro fastener when they try them on in the Philippines, so that they will fit properly.

and that's it. I will have the rest of the bibs bound this week, in plenty of time to pack for the trip!!

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  1. Wonderful gifts, easy to make, and to pack for travel, Volunteers sometimes get little recognition, see my post in a day or two, with a letter a dear friend wrote some years ago. super pattern and method, I hope others will follow on from this.


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