Saturday, February 28, 2015

#80 Finishes and Goals for March!!!

February was a fun month...

1. I turned 50, had a party, gave away some awesome gifts (thanks to some great shops)
2. Received a Go Big fabric cutter for my birthday, and now have 5 die cutters!! (awesome hubby)
3. Designed a Valentine's table topper (pattern is coming, because it's always a good time for love)
4. Did some secret sewing (I'll talk about that in a few months!! so excited)
5. Started designing some quilt blocks and quilt patterns (so much fun!!)
6. Started a new project (even though I wasn't going to do anything new...till all of my WIP list was done....) I did get some WIPs done too!!
7. I won 3 FQs of Black and White!!!
8. Have been doing really well with the Sew My Stash  2015 Challenge!! I have purchased, but 3/4 of all my sewing at this point is all stash!!! yippy!!


the new project, I wasn't going to start.....too cute it sucked me in!!

 Needs eyes and bird's legs added, quilting will have to wait on my list.....

January Bag of the Month:

Valentine's Day:

Secret Sewing: All I can show you for now is the backs of the minis!! 2 samples of the pattern. One made with Kate Spain's Sunnyside and the other Shot Cotton and Cotton and Steel.

And finally got the binding on my Craftsy BOM 2012!! I was so excited that I found fabric to match the front...I forgot about the backing fabric. EEK!! not a perfect fit, but I don't plan on every laying it backside up on the bed, so it's ok!

Goals for March

1. Finish sewing the bindings on the last 6 bibs for the Philippines
2. Sew March Bag of the Month and a pattern from last year that I missed.
3. Put together the Block Rock'n Quilt and backing. My Goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes

4. Sew my Come Together Quilt blocks into a top

A very aggressive list, but I think I can get it done!! ;)
 Love having the list to check off, it is really helping me stay focused to get all the WIPs done!! Feels great to cross through the text!!!

To Complete This Year List

Blocks to Piece (blocks not finished)

  • (3)Triple Star Blocks
  • Playing Cards (Bee Blocks)
  • (?) Scrappy Trip Around the World Blocks 
  • Fusion Quilt
  • Flower Patch Quilt
  • Lattice Bones Quilt
  • Colouring Box Quilt
  • Sew Kitchy Paper Pieced BOM (one more block, Miss Betty)
  • Craftsy BOM 2013

Quilt Tops to Sew Together (blocks are complete)

  • Sugar Block Club 2013
  • Sugar Block Club 2014
  • Block Rock'n
  • Classic Meets Modern
  • Aurifil Designer of the Month 2014
  • Globe Trotting BOM
  • Layer Cake Challenge
  • Come Together (Bee Blocks)
  • Playing Cards (Bee Blocks)

Quilt Tops: to Quilt

  • City Sampler
  • Churn Dash QAL
  • Nested Churn Dash
  • Parade (tester pattern)
  • Square Deal
  • Trifle Dish Moda QAL
  • Modern Blocks QAL
  • Virtual Quilting Bee
  • Triangle QAL
  • *Globe Trotting BOM
  • *Classic Meets Modern
  • *Sugar Block Club 2013
  • *Elephant Parade

Quilts to Bind (that's all I have to do, you would think I would just get it done)

  • Bloom Bloom Pow
  • Craftsy BOM 2012
  • Mystery Quilt

New Projects to Do this Year:

  1. 15-30 adult size bibs for special needs children at an orphanage in the Philippines (church missions trip in April) (the number turned out to be 21-just need to bind them!!)*6 left to sew
  2. Design 2 original projects and write up the patterns ( I am excited about this challenge) more info on this in the future  (I did one and may still try for another, but done for now)
  3. 2 quilts (one niece/one nephew )
  4. Set of Placemats (12)
  5. 4 mini Sew Together Bags
  6. 4 Regular Sew Together Bags
  7. 6 Duffle Bags
  8. 6-11 purses, yup not kidding, I join the Bag of the Month again this year over at Sew Sweetness and last year of the six I only made one of the bags. This year I am determined to complete them all. (1/6 done)
  9. New Christmas Stockings (8)
  10. Christmas Tree Skirt
  11. Misc sewing of pouches, because there is always a need for a simple pouch or 10, lol.
  12. *Elephant Parade, because it was so cute I couldn't resist!! Which makes an even dozen new projects. One per month....that's doable.......



  1. Welcome to this side of the 50's~after the initial shock, it's not that bad...
    Love all your projects!

  2. Naw, 50 is great. But around 68 you will get a little edgy. 8-) All of your project are quite lovely. But I absolutely love the frog, and I'm not necessarily a frog person. Fantastic finishes.

  3. I'm just quilting my Craftsy BOM 2012. I'm custom quilting - my first really big custom job. This quilt is a journey for me for sure. Your quilt is fantastic!

    1. It's finished!

  4. 50 sounds fabulous to me. I have been 60 for almost a year and I am still working on getting used to that. Wow is all I can say about all of your projects. I just love the bag and the Elephant quilt. I am hoping to start mine soon.

  5. I love your Elephant parade quilt. I think I'll be making it ...but late to the parade. The bag is also spectacular.

  6. Your elephant parade quilt top is so lovely; congratulations for already getting it pieced together!

  7. Happy belated birthday! I love, love, love your elephant quilt and your BOM!

  8. I really like your blue and yellow batik flowers. You've got quite a list there! Good luck and speedy stitches! :D

  9. Happy belated birthday. You've made a lot of progress on your projects. I came to see your elephant parade quilt - it is surprising to see flimsies already. You are quick! It is beautiful - love the turtle fabric!

  10. February is a short month. But you sure filled it to the brim with quilty accomplishments! Of course, I am so happy to see your Elephant Parade quilt top all put together. And am looking forward to seeing the front of that mini. Love that quilting!!!

  11. Wow, you are one busy quilter! That valentine's table runner is adorable. I love it! That Elephant Parade quilt is adorable too! So cute!

  12. Love the Bag! Can you tell what Bag Pattern it is? Planning to make the Elephant Parade myself. I'm to scared to make a list. I'm worried about how many items I'll have on it!


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