Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#86 Twists & Churns

Well if I was excited to finally be able to announce what all my secret sewing has been about.....I am tipping the scale today....The Art of Home free eMagazine is out. I hope you will all pop over to Jacquelynne Steves website and sign up! The magazine is always filled with inspiration, projects, recipes and this month, an interview with Pat Sloan!

So for your visual pleasure and because I was testing the pattern to make sure everything worked, here are a few variations of Twists & Churns for you.
Remember the only way to get the actual pattern is to sign up for the free emagazine! I sure hope you will! If you make a mini will you use  #twistsandchurns so I can see all the wonderful versions you create!!!

A mini with Cotton and this one....a bit more bold (have to buy more of these prints!!!) with Shot Cotton churns

A mini with Cheri by Frances the romance of this line. Can't wait to see what Frances does next!!!!

And with the leftover HST,  you could make some cute pinwheels....for coasters or to add to your backing...or just hang onto all of them and start a bin to make a scrappy quilt sometime later

Well, I hope you have found the motivation to head over and sign up for your copy. ( The Art of Home emagazine). I hope even more that you will make a mini of your own and let me know how it turned out!! #twistsandchurns

Happy Sewing


  1. The sewing machine is adorable, love the new patten.

  2. Love the Cotton and Steel one- the solids really make the pattern design "pop"!!!

  3. Your post just arrived in my inbox as I finished printing out Twisted Churns from Jacquelynne's e magazine! I love the Cotton and Steel version. I also love the idea of turning the mini into a sewing machine cover. I think that is what I might do as well. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great to have left over blocks, and a cover for your machine, puts me to huge shame, as I use a fancy tea-towel. Yes, I get the e magazine, so will check the pattern out. Lovely choice of fabrics.

  5. Great pattern!!! Love how you turned that into a sewing machine cover too. Very cool!!

  6. Fantastic pattern and blocks.Love your fabric combo.Great job!!

  7. Congratulations!!!! Jacquelynne's e-magazine is always a treat and I can't wait to read it from cover to cover! Your quilt looks so cute in the cover picture - it's a wonderfully happy design and I love how it makes up nicely in all kinds of fabrics. I'm usually a bright-and-bold kinda gal, but those lovely Cheri prints can play in my stash any day! Your machine cover is gorgeous :*)


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