Sunday, April 19, 2015

#87 Spring is Here with Distractions of Colour

Even though things are still pretty brown here, there is sun and some warmer days. So I will call that a definite plus and the sun and warmer weather has inspired a new design with lots of colour, totally distracting me from that WIP list I am determined to complete.

I started out to make the One Hour Basket that I have seen lots of IG friends displaying in their feeds, by Kelbysews. If you follow the link you will find the tutorial and download., But.... I got so distracted I still haven't made one yet, lol.

I decided to sew some jelly roll strips together thinking that I could use them up and make an interesting basket. When I finished making 6 sets, I fell in love with the way they looked and I couldn't make the basket.... I wanted to make a quilt. So I sat down at EQ7 and got to work.

This is what I came up with.....Working name...Wiggle Me Colourful

and I'm half way done testing the pattern!!!

How fantastic is this!!! 

So the question I am putting out there is..... Anyone interested in the pattern? It is a great jelly roll pattern (other then the 3.5" border I plan to add) and I think a great beginner project. Even with the matching, if you press each row alternating they nest up easily!
I will be done sewing the test project this week and then I might be setting up for a free sew along with this pattern if there is enough interest!!(leave a comment) It would be a fairly quick sew along too, especially if you use precuts instead of yardage!

In the What I've Been Up To part of the post.......

I've been so distracted by springs arrival, which gave me an urge to work with bright happy colours, my poor WIP list has been a little neglected, so I'm posting it again to inspire me to get back on task.

(After adding the list and updating it.....I've got to say I am in better shape than I thought!! I am going to have to update and remove some of the categories that I've completed!!! Ya, I love lists and seeing the progress!! But with the completion of WIPs comes a longer list of quilt tops that need to be quilted, eek......)

To Complete This Year List

Blocks to Piece (blocks not finished)

  • (3)Triple Star Blocks
  • Playing Cards (Bee Blocks)
  • (?) Scrappy Trip Around the World Blocks 
  • Fusion Quilt
  • Flower Patch Quilt
  • Lattice Bones Quilt
  • Colouring Box Quilt
  • Sew Kitchy Paper Pieced BOM (one more block, Miss Betty)
  • Craftsy BOM 2013

Quilt Tops to Sew Together (blocks are complete)

  • Sugar Block Club 2013
  • Sugar Block Club 2014
  • Block Rock'n
  • Classic Meets Modern
  • Aurifil Designer of the Month 2014
  • Globe Trotting BOM
  • Layer Cake Challenge
  • Come Together (Bee Blocks)
  • Playing Cards (Bee Blocks)

Quilt Tops: to Quilt

  • City Sampler
  • Churn Dash QAL
  • Nested Churn Dash
  • Parade (tester pattern)
  • Square Deal
  • Trifle Dish Moda QAL
  • Modern Blocks QAL
  • Virtual Quilting Bee
  • Triangle QAL
  • *Globe Trotting BOM
  • *Classic Meets Modern
  • *Sugar Block Club 2013
  • *Elephant Parade
  • *Playing Cards
  • *Block Rock'n
  • *Auriful Designer of the Month 2014
  • *Layer Cake Challenge
  • *Sugar Block 2014
  • *Come Together Blocks

Quilts to Bind (that's all I have to do, you would think I would just get it done)

  • Bloom Bloom Pow
  • Craftsy BOM 2012
  • Mystery Quilt

New Projects to Do this Year:

  1. 15-30 adult size bibs for special needs children at an orphanage in the Philippines (church missions trip in April) (the number turned out to be 21-just need to bind them!!)*6 left to sew
  2. Design 2 original projects and write up the patterns ( I am excited about this challenge) more info on this in the future  (I did one and may still try for another, but done for now)
  3. 2 quilts (one niece/one nephew )
  4. Set of Placemats (12)
  5. 4 mini Sew Together Bags
  6. 4 Regular Sew Together Bags
  7. 6 Duffle Bags
  8. 6-11 purses, yup not kidding, I join the Bag of the Month again this year over at Sew Sweetness and last year of the six I only made one of the bags. This year I am determined to complete them all. (1/6 done)
  9. New Christmas Stockings (8)
  10. Christmas Tree Skirt
  11. Misc sewing of pouches, because there is always a need for a simple pouch or 10, lol.
  12. *Elephant Parade, because it was so cute I couldn't resist!! Which makes an even dozen new projects. One per month....that's doable.......



  1. Might be a bit brown outside, but so bright and beautiful, love your new design, startling against the black, and the link, I am so full with things to do I don't dare look at anything new, no matter how fast and easy. Maybe I could do one after dinner tonight, just to prove I can!!!

  2. This is so beautiful, Sandy and I would really really like to try it, but unfortunately I'm as "full" with projekts to do as Nancy ... :-(
    I still even finished the elephant parade - the binding ist missing!
    Three other quilts to do and I'm as fast as a turtle ;-)
    I'm really scared when I take a look at your To-Do-List ;-)
    But for sure there will be lots of others who want to try your wonderful pattern with those colors shining so bright - love it!!
    Good luck
    and a wonderful week

    Sabine (7 am in Germany)

  3. This is very striking and I would love to give it a try but ...... my WIP list just seems to grow. I looked it over the other day and am ashamed to say some items go back to 2013. Just have to finish at least a couple of these. Spring has arrived here at well and the sun feels wonderful.

  4. Wowzers!!! You have a lot on your list..... I'm working on about 10 things also, and trying to play catch up, and finish up. I wouldn't want to commit to another thing right now, because I'd probably not do it, just being honestly! XO maybe later in the summer....

  5. I have 50+ flimsies waiting for quilting, but I'm game for adding a piecing bit of fun to my plate!! I will totally commit to making this beauty with you! It will be perfect for my stash of ombre fabrics!!!


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