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#95 Wiggle Me Colourful

Ok, the holidays are over and I hope that you have found or ordered your fabrics!! and are getting ready for the first set of instructions to show up in the next post. Don't forget about the discounts that have been offered in the previous post! I hope you all took advantage of the savings.
I don't know about you but I'm super, instead of waiting till Monday July 13 for the next post to go up, I'm going to post on Friday July 10th!!!

Also a reminder of the  FaceBook group page for posting your pictures (let's see some fabric pictures) and asking any questions, etc during the sew along....we have 35 members already!!!
 So glad I'm not in this on my own, thanks everyone!! I have pinned the link to the blog at the top of the page, so you can get to the blog posts easily and if I can cut and paste you will find this post there too. I will not be posting the instructions for the sew along on FB, just additional information only and links to the blog for the sew along.

coupon code "WiggleMe" is still available till July 13th and is now worth 20% off regular priced fabric and precast!!!!

I also Wanted to share some exciting news with all of you....
I have my first blog sponsor! 
I am so excited to introduce Rita from Fabric Please as my blog's first sponsor!!*

I recently met Rita at the Creactivfestival in Mississauga in April and she is so excited about her new Quilt shop adventure. I wanted us to get to know Rita and her online quilt shop a little better so I sent her a list of questions I would ask "over coffee". So for us here in Canada and I guess there are some in parts of the States too, grab a Timmy's (mine is medium dark roast with 2 sugars)  or your favourite coffee or tea for our international friends and get to know Rita and Fabric Please.....

1. What would you like to tell us about who you are? Name, Rank, Serial Number, lol
My name, Rita Ferber.  I'm married and have a teenage son.  My husband has been my rock, my inspiration and the love of my life.  After 27 years, I still find him as fascinating as the day we met. We have been blessed with a son that fills our home with wonder and excitement.  We have two Portuguese Water Dogs that keep us all on our toes!  

 2. What hobbies have you been/are you interested in? Do you have any time now to sew?
My main hobby is sewing but I also knit and crochet.  I love home renovation projects, pottery (working with clay) and landscaping.  Basically, anything that has a tangible "finish" at the end that I can stand back and see the fruits of my labour.  I try to sew as much as possible but, as the business grows, there is a bit less time than I'd like.  A perfect day is when I'm in my studio with my sewing machine humming away!

 3. What made you open a quilt shop? Why an online one? Do you run it alone?
I was a massage therapist for 25 years and needed to find a new career that was a little gentler on my body.  I've been sewing most of my life and I have always loved fabric.  I had been bugging my husband about buying a brick and mortar store for several years.  The timing and location just never seemed to feel right.  kind of "woke up" to the idea of an online store one day.  I'm not sure why I didn't think of it sooner, but I'm so glad I finally did!  I am having so much fun with it!  Yes, it's just me!  Eventually, I may need to bring in others to help, but for now, the control freak in me is loving every bit of it!

 4. What has been your favourite part of owning a quilt shop? Any challenges? 
Buying fabric!  That's definitely been my favouite part of owning a quilt shop!  In the beginning, I was a bit intimidated by all the choices and worried about choosing fabric that other people would like.  After a couple of months, I realized, there are so many different tastes in fabric that no matter what I choose, there will be others that like it.  My main focus is to buy fabrics and prints that inspire me to make things.  It's all about making things, isn't it?

5. What does the shop carry? Kinds of fabric? Notions? Patterns, Etc.
I carry a fairly wide variety of quilting cottons, a few flannels, knits, fleece and even burlap!  I only carry a few notions at the moment (pins,rotary blades/cutters, needles) and a few patterns.  Basically, I carry what I personally use.  I like to know how everything works, what it's used for and whether it's worth the money.  I won't sell anything that I don't personally endorse.  I also try to pass the savings along, if I get a deal, so should my customers.

 6. Do you have any future changes you are working towards? Long term goals for your business?
I'm working with my web designer to set up a rewards program on the site.  I love points programs!  Why shouldn't we all get a little something for free?  My long term goals for the business are to continue growing!  I've already had a number of international orders! Exciting!  I'd love to be the fabric store everyone thinks of first when they have a new project in mind.
Please! Pick Bundles
 7. Have you attended any of the trade show? How was that experience? (it looks so amazing when you see the pictures on instagram for them)
With the business so new, I've only had a chance to go to the Creativ Festival in Mississauga this past April.  I had a blast!  My sister-in-law joined me and even though she knows nothing about fabric and sewing, she fit in perfectly!  I am signed up for the Fall Creativ Festival, I'll have a larger booth and more fabric for everyone to choose from.  I am also planning ahead to next year... both Creativ Festivals, of course, but also, the 2016 Quilt Canada.  I love meeting my customers face to face!  I could talk fabric and quilting all day long!!

 8.Anything else you’d like to share……
I think that about covers it!  I just want to say a huge thank you to all of my customers and everyone on all of the social media sites!  The encouragement and positive response has been so great!  I know it sounds a bit corny but it's been life affirming!  Everything feels so right about this venture.  

It was fun for me to find out more about Rita and even though she gave me permission to edit her answers (because she thought some of them might have been wordy, lol) I left everything just as she answered!!!! It was a great coffee time chat with a new friend! ;)

Hope you all enjoyed getting to know Rita better too, and will stop by and say hello!!

Enjoy your week and see you back here on Friday for the first set of instructions!! 

*a note to my readers: When taking on a blog sponsor know that I will only work with companies and  products that I believe in and spend my own money on. My words will always be my own. 

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  1. Thanks so much Sandy for our coffee time chat! It has been lovely getting to know you as well!


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