Friday, July 10, 2015

#96 Week 2 Wiggle Me Colourful Sew Along

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and found time to collect your fabrics!! 
This week is all about strip sets, cuts, sub-cuts!!

Week #2

Wiggle Me Colourful

  • Once you have your strips laid out the way you want, you need to sew them together in their groups.
  • Sew strips together along the longest side, sewing the first seam from top to bottom and the second seam from bottom to top. This trick should help stop the sets from bowing/warping, because of feed dog pulling(unless you have a machine with IDT, which should eliminate the need to rotate your seams), it feeds top and bottom evenly. 

 What you do when you want the window open and there is a nice breeze making ironing a little difficult....(use a fancy amethyst stone as a weight)

Trim edge....

Sub cut according to pattern directions...

Background cuts....

That's another week done!! 

If there are any questions or if I've missed something don't hesitate to voice them over on the 

See you all back here next week!! 
Have fun and I can't wait to see your pictures!! 



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  1. Everyone is being so quiet! How are you all making out with the pattern instructions? At least say hello, lol!!!


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