Wednesday, October 14, 2015

This is harder than I thought....

I had such a great time creating blocks for the One Block Wonders BOM but now that I'm making samples and tutorials and having to keep all this sewing a secret until the beginning of each month, it is harder than I thought.
I love sharing with all of you on social media, and truthfully not being able to post as I'm going has put me into a little bit of a sewing funk, lol. My sewing mojo as it were is low. Or maybe the cold weather has thickened it to slow, ;)
 I'm hoping  if I share some fun things that have been happening in spite of my mojo issue,  I could jump start my sewing attitude ..... ;)

 I made another barn (2 down and 3 more to go!!) I tested a pattern for  Stacey at SLO Studio and one was not enough. As some of you are aware, I live on a working farm. So a quilt was inevitable.

I won a gorgeous FQ Bundle from Sew Fresh Quilts, sponsored by Blank Quilting Corp. it's awesome, can't wait to use this in an upcoming One Block Wonder block tutorial and sample. If you haven't checked out Lorna's blog, you should, she has designed some amazing blocks/quilts, some of which I have been lucky enough to test!!

and a few cute extras!!

And this came in the mail today......can't believe how lucky I have been over the last week....
I won 20 cherry wood labels from All This Wood !! Even the packaging was great!!

They found the font that was used for my blog great do these look!! (look for a special give away coming....)

and my apologies for the bad lighting in this picture, but only 4 more blocks to go for this quilt!!

and I had to stop and take a few pictures of the gorgeous fall colours! Yes it was cool, overcast and rainy, but the rich colours are amazing....I love the fall!!!

Well Hopefully I will start fresh tomorrow, and get a lot accomplished, because today has be all about talking with you (wish there were emojis, I'd send you all hug) and bookwork....

How are you all making out with your One Block Wonder Blocks? 
I've seen Jeans, done in batiks....and its lovely....isn't it...

 You can share pictures and ask questions and find all the extras in the FB Group, here, just ask to join.

 Don't forget the last week of October there will be a link up party on the blog for all of you who have sewn at least one block. This Months prize is a FQ Bundle of Soft Dreams from P&B Textiles. It is what I made the same quilt top with. It is such a fabulous line.

And another reminder,  Rita from Fabric Please is offering you all a 20% discount during the BOM


  1. Wow Sandy, you chose my favourite block thank you so much, , the other one is on my blog. Where do you find time to do the tutorials, pattern testing, and a working farm girl as well? Cattle, beef? sheep? Alpacas? Your barn is super. Maybe we can see a photo of the one on your land.

  2. Great barn! Love the yellow & black squares quilt! I am amazed at all you get accomplished!

  3. That happens to me too sometimes when I get too much going on and have deadlines. I hate having to wait to share things too - you totally lose the joy in the moment of creation. Loving all that you are sharing though - your quilt is going to be gorgeous!!!

  4. What goes around comes around, eh?
    I finally photographed the bundle I won Sandy, and I should have a post ready soon!
    Those pictures are so very beautiful.
    We are expecting some flood worthy rains here in Nevada, and the sky is turning here too.

  5. Congratulations and more to come!

  6. Who would be able to realize you are in a sewing funk? Now it just sounds to me like you have slowed down to a pace that is more like your human counterparts. Hahaha! Your barn blocks are fabulous, Sandy. And I look forward to seeing this quilt come together, as you were describing over coffee on Monday!


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