Saturday, November 14, 2015

Frayed or Infinity Scarf Tutorial

I bought a lot of flannel back when I started quilting to make these very simple blankets, and never really used it. I have to laugh when I remember back just 3 short years ago to think that was what I thought was a challenge.

Well now that winter weather has shown its cold and snowy self, all I'm thinking about these days is staying warm....cue flannel and scarf pattern and we have a winner.

I did a little internet searching and wasn't having any luck, so I  finally just went for it!!

First up the fringe:

I joking said on IG that it took 10 minutes to make the scarf and an hour and a half to fringe it!! But it's not a may have taken 2 hours....but it was worth it, I love how it looks.

Infinity Scarf: 

Same as the fringe but instead of sewing the ends together separately they are sewn together  to make a loop.

  1. I used approximately 2 yards of  flannel (which will make 2 scarves) You can measure how long you want your scarf by looping the fabric around your neck if you don't want it so long.  (this length for me loops loosely twice, as above, or more securely around my neck with a triple wrap)
  2. Lay your fabric out lengthwise folded in half with selvages aligned and cut in half on the lengthwise fold. You now have the start of 2 scarves.

  3. I am using a serger, but you can use your sewing machine if you don't own a serger.  (Infinity Scarf only) Serge across both ends of scarf widths. 

  4.  Fold right sides together aligning long edges serge down the side forming a long tube.

  5. (infinity version) Reach your hand inside the tube and draw up the bottom edge of the tube till it reaches the top edge,  right sides are together, aligning the seam and edges. Pin in place and stitch 1/2" seam around, leaving a 3" opening for turning and making sure to backstitch at start and stop. Turn fabric right side out through opening. Hand stitch the opening closed!

     Next time a little more care to match up the plaid pattern, but being as this is the back of the neck and it's being looped not such a big deal.

  6. (Fringe) Turn tube right side out and stitch across the width of each end (through both sides, stitching the tube shut at both ends) about an 1-1.5" or however long you want your fringe to be. (I stitched across the ends, needle down, turned and stitched back, to double stitch the stop fray line, I also shortened my stitch length to 1.5ish) I uses a pin and carefully pulled the weft threads for the fabrics! (I think, or could be the warp....still unsure which is actually which, lol) I frayed to about 1/4" before the stitch line 

And that's it....super easy....great cuddly

( Just a note: you don't have to use flannel though, you could use quilt cotton for a light weight version, or jersey knits (I don't sew well with stretchy fabric, so I'll pass on this idea ;)

I found this video tutorial after I was done.........

Infinity Scarf Video Tutorial


  1. lovely checked fabric, and these will be so warm. I have a silk scarf, a real treasure, birthday gift, and it is so warm,I was surprised, then remembered the airmen many years ago had them. Glove liners as well.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to share these tutorials with us.


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