Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Morning Savings

A glitch in the system, means...
we are extending the "Thank You Thursday" sale
through to Saturday Nov. 7th 
until midnight EST! 
That's two more days of savings!
20% off Art Gallery Fabrics
30% off Christmas
40% off Flannels

Our "bad" means your "good"!
Till next time...

What's On Sale

Morning Walk
Wild & Free

Stormy spectrum
Save 10%

What's On Sale

What's On Sale

Saves you 15% off your order

nothing more fun then picking out 50 or 100 zippers in an array of fabulous colours

Saves you 15% off orders over $100

1 comment:

  1. Oh to live nearby, here good batiks are about $30, (NZ dollars) per metre!!! I could shop till the doors closed.!!!


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