Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Happenings......

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Christmas Happenings.....

I've been busy with the One Block Wonders... I still need to add the border to my quilt.
This is what it should look like,    ;)

I tweaked the Nut Cracker En Pointe pattern by Aqua Paisley (click here for original pattern) to make a Ballerina, and I am turning them into new Christmas stockings!!

We have fairly large stockings here, but you can adjust the idea to fit any sock pattern you may draw up. 

I used :
Figgy Pudding by Moda
Holiday Ramblings by PB Textiles
Pellon TP971F Fussible Fleece 
  • I drew the stocking  pattern I wanted out on a roll of news print paper.
  • built my quilt nut crackers and ballerinas
  • I wanted the blocks to stand out on the stockings so I added the background white to the sides
  • I made nine patch blocks with 2" squares and cut 5" blocks for the second block
  • Basically I built a rough sock shape that is just bigger than my pattern
  •  1 row of 3 blocks across for the top, and 2 rows of 4 at the bottom (or 3 with an extra white block for a patched toe)
  • I quilted my front piece and then laid the pattern on top, pinned it in place and cut it out.
  • I also quilted my back section. (tip: watch which way you cut your pieces...socks are double check before you cut.)
  • I lined mine stockings following Cluck Cluck Sew 's tutorial.  (I chose not to add the cuff at the top.)
  • Don't forget to add you hanging hook, and label if you have them.....why the reminder, lol....I forgot mine on the first stocking, I was in such a hurry to get one done....oops
  • my hanging tab was made by cutting some of the scraps into 2" x 4.5" pieces. 

 press in half
 press each raw edge into centre

 press in half again
 stitch down each outside edge 
fold you piece in half matching the raw edged and pin between the stocking and the lining when you are sewing them together
 raw edges matching and fold down

Hope you are having fun

 making all of your Christmas's special, 

with your own handmade style!!


  1. Busy girl.So beautiful projects.Love them all!
    I joined four blocks and are 13´5x13´5 and have to squared it to 12´5 squares to be able to my sampler quilt.This pattern is easy to sew and very fun.

    Merry Christmas and have a fun day!!

  2. It is all your fault! I have one Nutcracker and one Ballerina finished, one Nutcracker that just needs the final all-the-way-around seam done and 2 Ballerinas and one Nutcracker started on the paper piecing! Until I saw yours, they weren't even on my radar this year! I love them - totally cool!!!

  3. Love your Christmas Stockings. Beautiful Quilting. Now what will you fill them with ;)?


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