Friday, December 11, 2015

Double Duty Day

I am really liking these Double Duty Day posts. I'm looking at things differently and constantly looking for new and inspiring ideas to post here  (so I don't forget a good idea) and to share with all of you!! (But ooopsI missed the Nov 22nd Double Duty Day, lol, I forgot to hit publish..........well here it is for the Dec 11th......)

1.) My last post I received a comment from a non reply blogger, so I'm pretty sure when I responded to her comment for a picture of the idea, it didn't go through. The item suggested was a Fishing Guides Tackle Box, for notions, like marking pens, sewing machine tools and feet, scissors, rotary cutters, cleaning tools....basically anything you may need to take along with you to  a class or retreat....being totally portable and so well protected too, what a great idea. You just need to find the one that is the right size for your needs, or raid your husbands

2.) Came across this brilliant idea on Instagram ....on JayBirdQuilts, though Julie couldn't remember who's IG post  she had originally seen this on. A magnetic knife strip can be used to hold  your scissors.....such a fantastic idea...(just a heads up...good stainless steel is not magnetic...incase you were expanding your ideas of how to use this magnetic strip)

3.) How about using a pool noodle to roll your quilts for storage....perfect, easy, wrinkle and crease free.... 
Use some selvage scraps  or ribbons to tie around the ends  and around the middle to keep the quilts from unrolling....
Check out this YouTube video by Leah Day on using the pool noodles to store your quilts!!
Thanks so much Moe for the great link!!

4.) This one is a bit of a cheat, because their use is for hanging items, but maybe you haven't given this a thought, so I'm sharing how I have used the 3M stick up hooks.

You need to get the ones with the little metal hook 

and the great part is, if you buy more rulers and need to rearrange your layout, you just pull the tape and it comes right off your wall, no damage!! 

That's it for this Double Duty Day! 

Please let me know if you have any ideas to share or that you have shared on your blog that I can link to and share!! 
If you just have an idea you want to share that you have used, email it along with your name and a picture or two and I will share it in an upcoming post!

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  1. Command hooks, brilliant idea, that is my pick of the helpful ideas for today. I need to find the best way to store all my bobbins, there are the round ones in flexible plastic, the oblong cases, or do they sit best in matched pairs on dowels?

  2. I use the magnetic knife strip to hold a practice sandwich on the end of my longarm to test my tension when I change my thread or bobbin - works fabulously and unless the quilt I am quilting is huge, I just leave it attached to my dead bar where it is available always but not in my way! Tell Nancy to check out ice cube trays from the dollar store for storing her bobbins...inexpensive and the stack easily!

    1. Thanks, Farm Quilter for more fantastic ideas! I will pass on the ice cube tray idea!! Oh and you are an innova girl!! I am saving for one right now....cant wait to make this purchase....

  3. Will be using the command hooks for my rulers.(they are getting out of control). I used them for hanging my design wall.

  4. I have been using a very large tackle/guide box since the late '90s. I bought it right before I was stationed in Germany to hold all of my notions. It worked like a charm and it's nice to be able to take it on retreats. I've even stocked it with pens, paper, Band-Aids, gum, and Rolaids. ;) I actually use a lot of items from the hardware store - an awl makes a perfect extra-long finger, painter's tape can be used for so many things, and, one of my favorites - fill a chalk line with pounce chalk and use it to put straight lines on your quilts for quilting. The pounce chalk comes right out.

  5. You all are such creative thinkers!

  6. You all are such creative thinkers!

  7. Leah Day has a Youtube video about the pool noodles.
    See it here >>


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