Thursday, February 18, 2016


I am so sorry, but I just wanted to let everyone following along with the 
One Block Wonders 
There will be a delay at the end of the month with the link up and a delay for March on the start up.
I live in rural Ontario and already have horrible internet, spotty service, slow speeds, pricy bandwidths and packages....and my son has been home from school and eaten through our months now we are at a snails pace. 
I can't do anything...this has taken over 15 minutes to load type and upload....sorry everyone, will get up and running as soon as I can.....
Thanks for your understanding :)


  1. No problem, Sandy. Thanks for letting us know.

  2. I live in a rural area as well, I completely know what your mean. Aggravating. Everyone should understand. However I'm not in the group, so it means nothing really.

  3. That is so slow, Not a worry, just when your internet gets back to normal speed is fine. Thanks for the update, more time is really a huge bonus.

  4. No problem. I know all about rural internet from a friend. Currently sewing another set of 4 blocks. Hope to get my first set quilted into a table topper.

  5. I hear you, Sandy! We've been there. We too lived in a rural area.

  6. I'm struggling trying to load my picture on to your blog sorry !!

  7. I'm struggling trying to load my picture on to your blog sorry !!


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