Thursday, February 11, 2016

Double Duty Days (DDD)

Binder Clips

Ok I can take no credit for this post......
I was scrolling through my FB feeds and came across Ioleen's post (Back Home Quilter) 
of this YouTube video.....

Brilliant is all I can say!! 

I have a bunch of these Binder Clips and never thought to use them in most of the ideas presented in the video......enjoy and you're welcome!! ;)

Short and sweet post today....
Now go and find some clips.....

 One More......

Did you know that you can use your Frixion Pen on paper???
So if you wanted to divide up a pattern but didn't want to ruin the pattern, you could use your frixion pen and iron it off. 
I use plastic sheet protectors and Zwipes or China Markers....but it is great to have another option in a pinch!!! White markers would work too, but they rub off to easily!

Sorry I was taking these at night....not sure if you can see, but I drew yardage boxes and when I'm trying to figure out how many units I can get in a specific amount of fabric I sometimes do it old school.
Frixion Pen here
Touch of heat and it's gone!!! Too cool, guess paper is a type of fabric too.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this great video and your many tips. Great ideas!!


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