Monday, March 21, 2016

March One Block Wonders Update

It has been a crazy month...

Lots of catching up to do...some great news shared...
and getting some quilting done on my new LongArm...
and I totally forgot to get back to you with the Prize sponsors for this month....

a fantastic online and Toronto based quilt shop 
is sponsoring a 
$25.00 Gift Certificate for one lucky sewer.
Check them out, they have some great fabric clubs and a deal of the month


is donating a 
FQ bundle of some of the Basically Patrick line!

I had so much fun making my version of this months block with these fabrics along with some of the 

Here is what my quilt is looking like.....

I may even get this one quilted before the link up....well....maybe ;)

How about you? Got any blocks made......
Link up is this Friday, but again I will be running it for 2 weeks! So still plenty of time to get the one block minimum done!!!

Happy Sewing

 Don't forget 


  1. I have cut the pattern pieces out, and that is as far as I have managed. Visitors, a friend felled about 16 small poplar trees for firewood!!! Needless to say lots more work out there to be done, cutting into rounds, heaving onto the drying pile, and the thin scruffy stuff to put through the mulcher. How dare that work get in the way of quilting??? I am so thankful for friends and family who help with the hard work out there.And those who put the meal on the table, do the dishes, and have that ironing all done before I know it. There is some merit in being as old as 75!!!

  2. Got one block done and hoping to do some more before month's end.

  3. Wow, absolutely beautiful quilt and luscious fabric combo.


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