Friday, March 25, 2016

March's One Block Wonders BOM Link up

Well it was a late starting month, but I hope everyone had a chance to at least sew one block.....
It was a pretty easy block, so hopefully that helped.....

I had such a great time making mine out of the Basically Patrick and Cotton Supreme Solids 
lines from  RJR Fabrics
It turned out so bright and fun, and I just love how the black and white borders makes it all come together.

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And our winners are........
FQ Bundle from RJR Fabrics

$25.00 Gift Certificate from Sew Sisters


  1. Gorgeous, bright and breezy.When is the latest date? For the very first time I am running low on our data allowance, new lot starts on 1st April, is that too late?

  2. Oh wow! Your quilt is great inspiration! Now I've got to get crack'n and make this! I was gifted a FQ bundle of Raindrops by Andover Fabrics for my birthday, which will be perfect in this design! You quilt is wonderful, Sandy!

  3. Love this quilt. The pattern is an easy one.

  4. Great minds think alike LOL . We both chose a black stop border without knowing it. Also I think we both did the same sized quilt. Mine wasnt intentional-oit just grew. I think they turned out very nicely.

  5. Sandy! I did it! I got crack'n and yesterday & today sewed up 25 of March's Block using the Raindrops FQ bundle. I love this quilt top! Thanks for the pattern and inspiration!

  6. I'm a little late to this party, but I managed to make the March block. Now to see if I can go back and play catch up. Your quilt is beautiful.

  7. Sandy, I tried to add my link from my blog, but the photo would not go, I now have it on my facebook page, how do I add that? My email is still at gmail.

  8. Hi Sandy, all done on another laptop.Thank goodness we all have a laptop, and the others are in running order!!!


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