Friday, April 22, 2016

Double Duty Post.....finally

I have been having more internet issues again and have sadly been absent from a lot of the posts that should be happening....
The happy news is the internet issues should be resolved by the end of the month, never to happen again!! 

I love finding these Double Duty ideas and then sharing them with all of you....
because let's face it,  if I share them here I wouldn't forget them, lol!! 

 What a great idea for pant hangers:

 and think about this as a great mini quilt wall, especially if you can find some antique pant hangers

and how about these clear shoe storage hanging systems, not just for shoes! Being clear it makes it so easy to see everything...

What about you?
What is your favourite double duty item?


What I've Been Up To:

Modern Selvage Quilting
Here's a sneak peak to an upcoming blog tour, May 10-21,  I get to be a part of. On May 19th I'll be posting for my day on the blog tour talking about Riel Nason's new book Modern Selvage Quilting. I'm joining in with 8 other bloggers and Riel to share the book, our thoughts, maybe a project or two and a give away......

Here's the project I'm working on: I've been saving selvages for I had a mess of them to press...2 days worth, lol.

This is what I ended up with after pressing and having looked at the 17 different projects available... this combination just begged to happen! Solid fringed selvages.....I'm in love....

Accuquilt Sale

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  1. My selvages get thrown away, either quilting or garment sewing, not that I do much of that now, it was so worthwhile many years ago, but now to buy a pattern, zips, matching thread and then the fabric, easier to go and buy , or better still, visit the Op-Shop, maybe called Goodwill or Thrift up where you are. Your selvage pattern looks great, love those brights.

  2. Now that is thinking outside of the box! Thank you for sharing. I've got to check for all those hangers, that ended up too heavy when filled up with the allotted number of pants :)! Yes, I save my selvages to someday make some spool blocks - love the idea of a strings block. Hope your computer issues vanish - know the feeling!

  3. Are the selvages Shott Cottons? Love the colours. Thanks for the tips.


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