Friday, April 1, 2016

What I've Been Up To and a Sneak Peak of April's Block (no Fooling around here!)

I am a part of The Bag of the Month Club and have been since it first started 3 yrs ago. Even though I knew I was going to receive the April bag pattern from Emmaline Bags , when the opportunity came to test the pattern before its release I couldn't say no...and boy was I glad I didn't......

 The Gabby Bag

 with an inset zipper in the back yoke of the outside shell....

 which I added an appliquéd 50 to for my 50th (last yrs birthday)....

but one wasn't enough,  I also made one for my sister in law who was celebrating her 50th birthday this passed Feb..

Inside the bag there is another inset  zipper pocket (which is where I added my sister in law's appliquéd 50) and slip pockets to keep your phone, etc organized...

 and the bag has some really cute and fun details, including the strap holders and the side pleat!

 Just love the details and size of this bag, holds just what you need.

I will be making this bag again for sure!!

What I've Been Up To:

I finished my Wiggle Me Colourful quilt pattern for my niece

I  used a digital pattern  called Super Nova and variegated Cairo King Tut thread, just love how this turned out!!

The bobbin thread was a Lilac Purple

I also finished my Around the Block quilt pattern for my nephew:

I used the Phantom Wave digital pattern and Omni Ash Gray thread and love how this quilt turned out too!
With a pieced section added to the back and the contrast in fabric and thread, the back has its own visual appeal too. I call this 2 for 1 quilting!!

And I have been bravely sewing my bindings on both sides when they are black thread on black fabric. The only way this perfectionist can handle the fact that the stitching is never even on the back, but the phrase "done is better than perfect" keeps playing over in my head. It does feel so good to have these quilts done and ready to finally's only 3 months after Christmas......

One Block Wonders Update:

For the first time since starting the One Block Wonders,  my quilt sample for the month is not only done, it's quilted and the binding is on! 
I used the Omni Ash Grey thread again for this one with the digital pattern Turbulence.

 I love how the black and white border just added so much to this quilt made with the fantastic Basically Patrick line from RJR Fabrics, with a few Cotton Supreme Solids thrown in!! This quilt just says summery fun!!

 I was a little worried about the soft yellow and the black binding I knew I was adding, so I added a 1" black strip to the top and bottom of the pieced section to balance it, and it worked out perfectly!!

for your chance to win...
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And as promised a sneak peak at April


  1. Ah bags! Your 2 are great! And what a neat surprise for you SIL to tuck that '50' in the pocket! Happy Birthday btw! You have been busy with 2 bags and 2 completed OBW! I was going to ask how you planned to quilt March's block, since I actually made a lap size out of it this time around. Definitely neat to see yours all quilted and bound!

  2. Wow,any of your quilt is absolutely beautiful and the quilting caught my eye,wish I live near you for quilting mine.I handquilting.
    I only do one block per month so I will have a fantastic sampler quilt with your designs.Love April sneak and the fabric combo.

    I`m a bag lover,with many pockets and big for winter season and small in summers.

    Wishing you a great momth and weekend.

  3. Love the bags you made and the extra detail inside the little zippered pouch! Beautiful quilts and beautiful quilting. What special gifts!! You sure have been busy - do you think it is spring fever? :)

  4. What great bags. I love Wiggle Me Colourful.

  5. Love everything about the bag. Good on you, for getting the quilting done.

  6. I know you've been busy from Instagram but it's great to see everything in more detail here. I love it all!

  7. I love your applique to celebrate your 50th birthday. Great detail. I joined the bomc this year for the first time and I like this pattern very much.

  8. Hello, I only discovered Bloglovin a couple of days ago, only had a computer for a few months so still muddling my way through discovering more by luck than judgement. I was looking for easy crochet patterns to help raise funds for a hedgehog rescue in Wales.I signed up and found you through this mornings email. Very impressed with the bags, that extra applique inside what a lovely idea ,and those stunningly beautiful quilts ooh those gorgeous colours! You have given me a bright and inspirational start to my day. Thank you, Cath.


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