Thursday, September 22, 2016

One Block Wonders Rainbow Stacks Quilt Check In

It has been a very busy month....and it has flown by so fast.....
I can't believe it is only a little over a week till we will have our last link up...
And our One Block Wonders BOM journey will come to an end!

It has been so fun getting to know some of you and your lovely projects! We've had an audience and some very faithful followers and participators....and for you all, I want to take a minute to say, 
How much it has meant to me to have you along for the ride!!❤️

I also wanted to say that I have seen some of your Rainbow Stacks Quilt blocks and projects on IG 
and within our FB Group
and I am loving the colour and fabric combinations!!

Here's my quilt top, just deciding on the border finish...

After spending a few days getting my blocks together, I thought it might be a good idea to share some tips for putting your blocks together ....
I have to be honest and say, I was thinking these blocks might be more challenging to get together, but I'm so happy to say they went together very easily....

Tips on joining your blocks:
When you start joining your blocks, especially if you choose to make a larger project, and depending on you block layout, your blocks seams could come together with a few different matching possibilities. 

1.) Your standard seam match. 

2.) A cross seam, where two angles come together and cross at the seam. ( you want them to be crossing at that 1/4" mark)

3.) Where two angles are matching up perpendicular to each other. 
Here's the trick, no matter which way your seams align.....roll the top block seam back and look where your seams lines up at the 1/4" mark. It only matters what is happening here, if you have all your other edges aligned properly. 
I like to check twice, making sure my edges have stayed aligned and use a pin. (If I want my seams to match, I always use a pin!!) If you think your pieces shifted when you put your pin in, remove the pin and redo the will get easier....with practice! If you really are worried you aren't matching a particular seam right...put a pin in where the stitch line will be at a 1/4" to test. Flip your top piece back to look at the mock seam and see if you are aligning your seams properly.

That's it! Good Luck and Happy Sewing!!

Here's our final schedule...
The Link Up will go live on 
September 30 and run till 12am EST. on Oct. 10. 
As well there will be a Rafflecopter link up 
open to all blog visitors, 
to participate in our largest giveaway of the year !!!

Featuring Prizes from

Can't wait to see your projects....
Meet back here on Sept. 30 at midnight!!


  1. Your Rainbow Stacks are awesome!

  2. Looks so colourful and pretty ♥

  3. I need to get moving. I've got the pattern pieces all printed.


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