Friday, September 2, 2016

One Block Wonders BMO... Our Last Block......Rainbow Stacks

This post has been so hard to write....I have actually been dragging my feet (without even realizing),  trying to avoid writing it.....
Not because of the block pattern, because I love it ...but because it's our last month and even though I know it's time, I'm still a bit sad by it's ending....
We still have this month and I plan to enjoy every minute of it till it's over!!

I'm putting aside the twinge of sadness 
(and scrambling to write this post at the last minute, and I mean last minute...)

With so much to celebrate this month, it certainly makes that easier to do....

Everyone of our 
Fantastic, Amazing and Wonderful Sponsors 
have come back to see the One Block Wonders Block of the Month
end with a big celebration....
And that means lots of prizes for all of you!!!

This month will be run slightly differently then all of the others...
As Everyone will be eligible to enter for a chance to win the prizes this month....
Sewers will receive extra entries, but everyone will have a chance at winning .....
This is going to be so fun......

Thanks so much to


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I Couldn't have done it without them!!!!

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I know there are some who do not like to paper piece, so I apologize that we are ending with just that, a paper pieced pattern, but if you have every wanted to give it a try.....
again or for the first time, I think this is the pattern for you....

The Rainbow Stacks Quilt Pattern can be found in my Craftsy Pattern Shop! 
Sandy@UpStairs HobbyRoom

The pattern includes full instructions and 4 different sized blocks

I have written a paper pieced tutorial here, if you need a resource or refresher....

I found it helpful to label the areas lightest and darkest in the triangular areas 
to keep track of shade placements.

 Once your 2 stacks are made and trimmed,  you will sew them together along the straight bottom edge with a 1/4"seam. I remove the paper before sewing, but sewers choice...I know some totally sew their blocks together before removing any of the paper.

 I forgot to trim the notched the corners of the pattern before removing the paper on the left, but makes for a good comparison....

 Check your block for squareness and trim if necessary!!

Well that was easy....
So you want to make more, Right??

Well why not when this is what could happen!! (with a small border)
And there are so many possibilities with block layout and colour placements....
Can't wait to see what you come up with!!




  1. This looks great, love the colours. Bright and cheerful. To the stash I go, lol.

  2. this is great. i love this. thanks for sharing

  3. The last one?Wow, time fly when having fun.This new one as always,stunning!

    Thanks for these fun months and for sharing your patterns.

  4. I didn't find your BOMs until January, but have enjoyed them very much. I will miss finding a new block each month, and making it up. My May quilt will be given as a wedding present in November, my mother and aunt each have a table centre each from July, plus one from January of my own. I also have 2 other lovely quilts finished in the cupboard. I have certainly gained a lot from my 9 months of One Block Wonders, and enjoyed every month of it. Thank you Sandy for the sharing and the great patterns.

  5. Thanks for this pattern. It will be my first paper piece, I think I can manage it.

  6. Oooh - I love this block! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I've enjoyed the variety of blocks in the One Block Wonders BOM. The April block was my favorite! Thanks for all the effort it took to keep us 'in stitches'.

  8. I really like the block and the way the colors blend into each other.

  9. I just conquered paper piecing. Still don't love it and definitely not a pro, but I don't hate it any more. I'm going to have to give this block a try.

  10. Nice block! I'll miss this BOM come October.


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