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The Canadian Quilter's Association is trying to get 1000 quilts made for Ronald MacDonald Houses across Canada.  They are asking quilters from across our nation to make slab blocks (based on Cheryl Arkinson's design) and mail them to Leslie Whitby.  The blocks will then be made into tops and quilts at Quilt Canada 2017 in June at the International Centre, Mississauga.
Fabric Please! is sponsoring some bloggers that are hosting 'virtual bees' by giving them some of the fabric needed to get started.
Here are some of the bloggers joining me...
Lorna from Sew Fresh Quilts has already begun her Bee and from what I hear... her hive is buzzing!


M-R Charbonneau of Quilt Matters will be joining the Bee in a few weeks!

There will be prizes to be won (from Fabric Please), so head over to one (or all) of the bloggers and link up those slab blocks!  It's a great project to use up some of your scraps!

So, join in a virtual Bee, make blocks of your own or come to Quilt Canada in June and volunteer to finish quilt tops!  Whatever way you are able to help, do it!  You never know when someone you love will need to stay at a Ronald MacDonald house.



  1. Great cause and a bit of fun too :) The button is on my sidebar and the fabrics are pulled (oddly enough, they have been in my cutting board pile for awhile waiting to be used in a travel quilt for myself... there will be lots of leftovers for slabs :)

  2. One quilt top finished! Such a wonderful initiative


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