Quilting Helps

I grabbed this from the Atkinson Designs Site. Love their patterns and refer back to this when its been awhile between binding projects. The image is a link to the original so you can copy your own.

Quilting Abbreviations 
  1. BOM- Block of the Month
  2. B2B/E2E- Border to Border or Edge to Edge
  3. BSS- Basic Sewing Supplies
  4. DIY- Do It Yourself
  5. DSM- Domestic Sewing Machine
  6. EQ- Electric Quilt (software)
  7. FMQ- Free Motion Quilting
  8. FOB- Fear of Binding
  9. FROGGING- Stitch Ripping (ribbit ribbit, or rip it rip it, lol, new one to me)
  10. FQ- Fat Quarter (half of a half yard, (approx. 18" by 21")
  11. F8- A 1/4 of a 1/4 yard of fabric (approx. 9" x 21")
  12. HST- Half Square Triangle 
  13. LQS- Local Quilt Shop
  14. PhD- Project Half Done
  15. QAYG- Quilt As You Go
  16. QST- Quarter Square Triangles
  17. RST- Right Sides Together
  18. SABLE- Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy.....lol so true
  19. TOT- Tone on Tone
  20. UFO- Unfinished Project
  21. WIP- Work In Progress
  22. WOF- Width of Fabric
  23. WOMBAT- Waste of Money, Batting and Time
  24. WST- Wrong Sides Together
  25. WOW- White on White

Texting Abbreviations
  1. 2F4W- Too Funny For Words
  2. B4N- Bye for Now
  3. BRB- Be Right Back
  4. BTW- By The Way
  5. LOL- Laugh Out Loud
  6. WIDRN- What I'm Doing Right Now


  1. I love your projects, pictures and quilting. Such talent!

  2. This site is so interesting - I look forward to more projects and ideas.


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