Wednesday, September 16, 2015

So Many Things to Procrastinate With

Lol....Have you ever known that you have deadlines to meet and all you keep doing is finding other projects to work on, that are not that deadline or goal?? I have been so distracted by lovely pattern makers and fabulous paper pieced patterns that need to be tested....and are just begging me to get involved!!!
So I did!! 

and I know I have share this one with you all but it is worth another picture....
Dusk, by Diane  From Blank Pages pattern to be released in October. Stay tuned there is more fun coming with this one in October!! 

and a new crochet project...
because it's fall and I need to stay warm!!

Sorry I have no idea what the name of this stitch is. I have a crochet book that has 500 stitches, which is a bit of a stretch, because a great number of those stitches are just variations of a stitch. This one is a good one though!!

But now I must stay focused!!!!

There are only 2 weeks till the  One Block Wonders BOM starts
I will not let you down,
and this is not for dramatic affect...I seriously don't have the tutorial ready yet. 
That is todays goal so it leaves me plenty of wiggle room to check and re-check everything. 

So that's it, a recap, and a personal push from me to me, lol!!!
Have a great week everyone! 

Oh wait, this was a late entry for Monday's Sales post and I sure would hate for you to miss this sale, so mark your calendars....
(click on the image to get all the details)


  1. The pig was so cute I went to her website to look at it but I fell in love with her sewing machine pattern....awesome!!!!


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