Sunday, September 13, 2015

Keeping Me Organized

This is going to be very mini Sunday post indeed. 

Last Sunday my list looked like this:
  1. Finish all prep for the BOM
  2. Test a paper piece pattern for Diane, From Blank Pages....this pattern is amazing
  3. complete another row of  "Around the Block"  paper pieced pattern (formally Gridlock)
  4. Complete the Flying Geese
As you can see from the strike through, I managed to test a pattern, an amazing pattern!! and not complete anything else on my list......

I did no sewing other than the pattern test, I did however finalize all the blocks for my upcoming BOM, and spent way too much time on my computer trying to figure out how to load fabrics into EQ7. On a bright note, I did figure it out, and now I can concentrate on sewing some samples and making up the tutorials to go with the monthly block posts!!  

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This Weeks List:

  1. Complete last weeks list, lol
How about you? Are you staying organized? What's on your cutting table, or design wall, or sewing table?


  1. I have so many ideas for the left over wiggle strips, and found an amazing pattern for a stained glass quilt, ( When will I get time for this) the wiggle me has 2 borders on, I have bamboo batting all ready, extra wide at 245cm, so no seams there, and the backing is a very fine soft cotton, in a pale duck egg blue, with a design, I forgot to put that photo in. Sounds like you have been extra busy, and lots of feedback for the next challenge. I keep looking at the most stunning Kaffee charm squares, and wonder if doing a shadow box pattern would suit? I am open to all suggestions and will be happy with any you might have. Carry on with the list, after all, when those are all crossed off, you can start another!!

  2. I have a rather long list of to-dos, but my biggest focus this week is to get my bee blocks done (one Jagged Little Pill and on Pineapple block) and get two more blocks done on my Dog Gone Cute quilt. If I can accomplish that I will be a happy girl.

  3. I have 7 items left on my to do list plus I have a baby quilt which I want to start quilting today. I also have one block done for the Metro Hoops pattern I just started. Pattern is from Sew Kind of Wonderful.

  4. Got a bit more organized this week! Yay..finished two bags that I need to take as gifts on a trip I am going on at the end of the month...whew! You are way more ambitious than I could ever be! Keep up the good work.


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