Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Miscellaneous Fun......

As some of you will know who follow my blog or follow me on IG (@upstairshobbyroom) I joined a maker challenge to be creative for 100 days, and it has almost reached the quarter way point!! 
Today is day 23, and even though I have been sick for the last week, 
I have managed to keep up with my goal of 1 picture a day!!
I have been using the #100daysmy100photos if you want to be able to see all the pictures together instead of scrolling through my whole IG feed.
If you want to check out what other makers are doing check out the #the100dayproject

I thought I would share a few more of the shots that I haven't used, 
because I've been taking 50-100 a day, lol! 

I have been having so much fun picking up my Nikon D90 again, and using my macro lens for some fun close up shots has been fuelling that fun!!

And don't think that I have forgotten about quilting....
as my energy levels have been very low, I have slowed down, but I am still getting some stuff done! (just not at my normal "machine mode", as some of my online friends lovingly refer to me.)

Even some of the pictures have been in my HobbyRoom

My quilt project for the Modern Selvage Quilting blog tour got loaded and quilted...binding to be added

 The May Blooms Quilt  from my One Block Wonders BOM was completed and gifted to my lovely Mother-in-Law for Mother's Day

 I also made a Lego Play Mat for my nephew for his birthday...and if anyone has made one of these and knows how to make the drawstring actually close this circle....please let me know what the trick is...because I'm not sure if the diameter of the cord is the issue and I need heavier cording or if the circle is just too large for any cord to work??? 

and last but certainly not least....

These absolutely gorgeous fabrics from P&B Textiles are on my cutting table and sewing desk!! They are the Garden Gate line and I am totally crushing on them!! I'm going to use them in a version of my Cross My Heart Quilt excited to see this come together!! More to come....

That's all the miscellaneous fun I have for now.....
Have a great week everyone and 
Happy Sewing!



  1. John Deere, that's the way to go,looks like some serious time in the paddocks, and fab new fabrics. The lego mat, is the casing too narrow or the cord too fine? A great idea for play then tidy-up. Have a wonderful day, down here we have rain and wind, super day to be inside and sew!!!

  2. Great photos. I really like the silo, thistle type plant, bobbins! Hope you are over the bug, feeling better. Nice May OBW - is that about 50" wide? Looks like a fun sewing projects you got going there. Happy Stitching - and photo ops!

  3. Another comment, I saw a similar play mat somewhere and it had large grommets for the cord to go through, but what about having little tabs that would extend from the edge of the circle, then it draws up in folds rather than a whole round that is so hard to gather? Just a thought that might help. Did you really climb up to the top of the silo???


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