Sunday, May 29, 2016

SunBurst Granny Square Blanket

I've seen these lovely Granny Square blocks in IG posts and haven't really taken the time to investigate...but all of a sudden I needed a new evening project, and a break from my English Paper Piecing ongoing two year heirloom project.....I know I'm really just procrastinating again...but I really need to switch up my evening projects so I don't get bored not to mention throw in the towel on the hand sewing! 🙄

I'm making lots of white hexies for sides and top/bottom, and sashing for each triple diamond
3/4" hexies fit perfectly in the embroidery floss storage containers!

Anyway, I looked up Granny Squares hoping to find these fun blocks and yeah for Google, this is what I found out...the block is called a SunBurst Granny Square and there are lots of free patterns and tutorials out there!!

I had a few (5 to be exact) Bernat Cotton large balls left from when I was crocheting Ponchos, and being as its finally turned hot around here, cotton seemed the smart choice!! It won't be as scrappy as some of the blankets I've seen online but, with a variegated yarn and 3 solid colours, I think it is going to be gorgeous.

I started with this tutorial from Nittybits, but I learn new stitches better with a visual, so I found a four part YouTube video too from Bella Coco.

I had 3 blocks completed and was using the  join as you go method to finish the blocks, when I stumbled upon  a continuous join as you go sheet and tutorial. Well, I'm always up for a new challenge and learning experience and it just makes sense to have less joins and ends to weave in. With 4 rounds per block of ends to weave in already, I'm all for cutting out anymore.

So I pulled out the yarn from the 3 blocks I had already joined together and got thinking that maybe I wanted my blocks to be a little bigger I'm adding the squaring round now instead of using it for the joining round!!

Now I have the continuous joining layout sheet (follow the link) and the 3 part YouTube tutorial is found in the same link.

I will still be using the green to join and would have started but I need to buy more yarn and didn't mix my yarns up enough for my liking so will start joining after I have crocheted a few more.
Hope this gives anyone thinking of trying theses lovely little blocks the info and inspiration they need to give it a go!!

Will post more pictures as the blanket it turns out these colours will go perfectly in my little grand baby's room, arriving in October and already getting! This baby will have no shortage of blankets and quilts to cuddle with, not to mention, baskets, bags or anything else I know how to lovingly create for this little treasure!!

Have a great week everyone and 
Happy Memorial weekend to all celebrating !!


  1. I have always been reluctant to do these, because of all that joining and loose ends.This seems so much faster, and a lovely way to do different colours on the inner rounds, and join in all the same colour.

  2. I made 50 granny squares but never joined them. My aunt came for a visit, from Nova Scotia, and in no time had them joined into an afghan which I told her to take home. I may give this joining method a try. Thanks for posting.


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