Friday, June 17, 2016

June One Block Wonders Check in and Update.......

Well we are passed the half way mark in June and I thought I would check in and see how everyone is making out with their June "Topographical Quilt" blocks? I know from checking in with our FaceBook group that a few blocks are being made.....

I would love to hear how it's going and your thoughts on this months block!

I worked hard to get my quilt done so that I could share it with you all today...finishing up the hand stitching on the binding just the other day, and I couldn't be happier with the final quilt!!
Which, if you read the previous BOM already know I wasn't totally thrilled with my pattern at first....until I found the right fabric combination and block layout....

Thanks to 
one of our sponsors this month,

and their wonderful line of Cotton Supreme Solids
this amazing quilt happened....

Here are the yummy colours I used...
Clover, Shamrock, Aloe Verde, Sprout, Emerald City, Kelly Green, Putting Green, Tiffany Box, Neon, 
Turks&Caicos, Notting Hill, Blue Skies, Cove, Bora Bora, Proud as a Peacock, Riviera...
I am missing a few names, but this should be enough to get your search started...

And a little bit of info on the binding too....
I am really loving the wider I cut mine at 4.25" and stitch at 5/8". It gives a thicker binding, which I love the look of,  and it gives me extra room when quilting to have the pantos stopped within a 1/2" or so space. (1/4" on quilt sandwich and 1/4" batting and backing) I talked about this in my last post too with some pictures here.

The digital pantograph pattern is called Malachite, and it was a perfect choice!!

I used Omni Thread in a Teal, which really pops on the navy backing!!💚💙💚

Now if greens and blues aren't your "cup of tea" as they say.....

How about this bright combo....
I used Millefiori in Blue, Purple and orange on the back; Bubbles in green, pink, yellow, orange, and red; Hexi in yellow on the back; Lily's Linen in orange on the back.

It's a mix of Basically Patrick prints from RJR Fabrics

It's made with the same block pattern, I just reverse the colour order for 2 of the blocks, and laid them out to form a circle/square or square/cirlce, ;)!!

I'm loving the pillow making these days ... and I found a tutorial on Sew Mama Sew 
for adding a hidden zipper
There is something so satisfying about starting and finishing a project in a day or two, 
it just feels so good.....
and a great excuse to dig into my zippers from

Another one of our fabulous sponsors this month!!!

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Well that's it for it's your turn.....

If you haven't started your block(s) yet, hope this inspires you to get started. 
If you are new and didn't even know about the BOM. You can find this month's pattern here
We also have a FB group you can join if your want, here.

Each month we have a link up post at the end of the month. 
This months link up will be June 30- July 7

If you have sewn at least one block you can link up a picture for a chance to win one of the monthly sponsored gifts. This month we have 3 sponsors so there are 3 chances to win!!

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Happy Sewing everyone!!!


  1. The quilt is gorgeous and I am so glad you showed the pillow with the 2 color sides, I would like to make that, now to choose colors, the hardest part!

  2. The quilt and pillow is just stunning!! Love your color choices!

  3. The blues and greens play so well together. And I love that pillow. I like how you reversed the colours on two of the blocks. Makes me think.......

  4. Wow that is fantastic!!! My husband would love that as he LOVES maps!!!

  5. Gorgeous, love both the quilt and the pillow.

  6. I love your blue and green Topographical quilt! Great quilting, and look at those square & mitered binding corners! And that pillow! Bright, colorful, and what!? love that circle quilting. I'm going to call you 'Miss Fancy-pants' with that hidden zipper! I never take the time to put zippers into pillows, but looks like I should!

  7. Wow!!--your quilt is beautiful!
    I started working on my blocks today--hopefully will be finished tomorrow.

  8. Fabulous quilt and pillow.Love how you played with two block.

  9. Well,I started with the blues, and thought it might be Ok, but then decided not enough contrast, so did 4, 2 reversed or so I thought, but then blue met pink, so did another 4.Not sure if I like them as much, so maybe back to the original idea of adding 3 more, one purples, one greens, and one maybe reds? But, I must admit, the stash of batiks is getting very low.


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